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Simply delicious, deliciously simple from . "✅ (annonce - due to brand mentions) ✅ And now to something completely different - but then again really not ✅ Being a part of this awesome Drinkstagram Community is one of the best things I know - and I love every moment ✅ But it can also be lots of hard work, even tho one have lots of fun doing it (this is preferably how it should be) ✅ A Cocktail is so much more than the Cocktail it self; There is the glassware, the garnish, the props, the backdrop, the ice, the flowers, the research, the write-up, the lighting, the camera-settings, the...the...the... ✅ There can be a loooong list of things to check off, before even getting to the Cocktail it self - and I absolutely love all of these check-boxes, but sometimes I just need to sit down, mix a drink, take a snap of it and then sip ✅ So when I arrived in my wee own speakeasy-bar, in our house cellar, and saw to my big joy a single ray of sunshine going through the otherwise dark room, I stirred todays sip up, put it directly in the sun-ray, took a few snaps, and then literally seconds after I was sipping ✅ I hope the result doesn't show, but I actually think this gave something to todays serve, with the sun coming almost directly behind the glass, and being the only source of light in the room ✅ What do you make of all this? ✅ THE LIGHT THAT CAME FROM BEHIND ✅ 5 cl Pink Grapefruit Gin (@malfygin ) Stir with plenty ice💎 Add more ice💎 Add 8-10 cl Inginius Tailored Citrus Sweet Tonic (@ginput_dk ) Gently pour in delicious cold-pressed Habanero-chili & Lime Juice (@grapes_cph ) Garnish with dehydrated Persian roses and Kumquats ( ) Enjoy☀️ Skål🥂 . #habanero " via

Tomáš (@marresuk) Instagram Profile Photomarresuk


 image by Tomáš (@marresuk) with caption : "Trochu té zelené :-) #chilli #sazenice #habanero #moruga #jolokia #dragonsbreath #pepper" - 2006591518183172493
 Instagram Image by Hubert (@gudalesiowy) with caption : "Taka niespodzianka po powrocie z terenu 😊 Pierwsze dziewczynki na powierzchni 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Naga Jolokia, Trinidad Scirpion Cho" at Białystok, Poland - 2006578819875891162

Taka niespodzianka po powrocie z terenu 😊 Pierwsze dziewczynki na powierzchni 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Naga Jolokia, Trinidad Scirpion Chocolade i Red, Habanero. Zapowiada się pikantna jesień 🤤😍🐷 . . . . #habanero

 image by ranran (@ranranbeer) with caption : "辛いよ🌶🌶🌶🌶


#bee" - 2006574705541567999

辛いよ🌶🌶🌶🌶 ハバネロだよー🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 alc.9.5%もあるよーーー🍺 つまみは「加藤の鯉」でした🐟 #🌶 #habanero

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Min Odlingssida


Uppdate angående mitt omplanteringsexperiment med olika jord. Jag satte om en planta med vanlig planteringsjord och den andra med min hemmagjorda blandning med mineraler i. Det blir skillnad!! Stor skillnad på chili och paprika (både på längden och höjden). Obs! Tomaterna däremot verkar övergödslade och krusar bladen och blir röda i bladen. Så de var inte redo för så här mycket näring 😆 #habanero