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 image by Teherezie (@terka_eliasova) with caption : "Když se daří, tak se daří 😀 #pokerstars #poker #happy #winner #me #happysandeulday #neděle #pohoda #MilujuPoker" - 1854486680795694000
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Když se daří, tak se daří 😀 sandeulday


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❤❤❤❤ #happysandeulday


복숭아 (@ha_pyyou) Instagram Profile Photo ha_pyyou


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180318 이산들님 생일 축하축하 ♡ #happysandeulday

Ioanna Kpopaddicted (@ioanna_exo_bts_kpop) Instagram Profile Photo ioanna_exo_bts_kpop

Ioanna Kpopaddicted

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0320 HAPPY SANDEUL DAY!!!❤️🎂❤️ 산들의 생일를 축하합니다!!!! #HAPPYSANDEULDAY

Danee Vee (비얀카)/Park Heerin (@viancaramay) Instagram Profile Photo viancaramay

Danee Vee (비얀카)/Park Heerin

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Back to back birthday ad projects of Filipino BANAs for @sandoriganatanatda's birthday. 👌 . Congratulations for the success of both projects: (1) Anywhere With B1A4's Subway Birthday Ad Project for Sandeul at Mangwon Station which was recognized by Sandeul himself 👏; (2) Sandeul PH stans' LED Ad Project for Deul in EDSA Central which was visited by a lot of PH BANAs. 💪 . Moreover, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all who participated in @BanaPHbyHeart's Change DP Project for Sandeul. It melts our hearts that you always give your all for our boys, even with the littlest thing that may show the boys how much we love them. 💚 . Furthermore, we would like to thank those who joined and sent their picture and video greetings for @fortheloveofgongchan's Sandeul Birthday Video Project, as well as those who participated in PH Sandeul stans' Fruits For Sandeul Project. 😉 . Lastly, we want to congratulate all the people behind these Sandeul Birthday Projects for the hard work and patience to ensure that our main vocal will receive a lot of love from different parts of the world on his special day. 🤗 . These projects won't be a success without your overwhelming support Banadeul. What a great start for this year! May we continue to support ALL projects in the future, and show our love and appreciation to our boys. ❤ . Let's Fly ! 💚 . #HappySandeulDay

いとう のぞみ (@0320sdnm) Instagram Profile Photo 0320sdnm

いとう のぞみ

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❥❥2018.03.20 さーくんの27歳の誕生日🎂 それを韓国で祝えたこと ほんとに嬉しかった😌💕 #happysandeulday

 Instagram Image by Hiromi (@bananadeul) with caption : "またまた韓国旅行の思い出だけど、夕飯を望遠で食べようとしてSandeul Cafeの向かいの光合成カフェに行ったら、ブランチの時間帯しか食事が無く…夜8時ごろカフェラテとキャロットケーキをいただきましたー☕️ ホットを頼んだのにガラスの器で" at 망원동 광합성카페 - 1741886445490530936
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またまた韓国旅行の思い出だけど、夕飯を望遠で食べようとしてSandeul Cafeの向かいの光合成カフェに行ったら、ブランチの時間帯しか食事が無く…夜8時ごろカフェラテとキャロットケーキをいただきましたー☕️ ホットを頼んだのにガラスの器で出てきて「あーん、韓国語通じなかったのかな😭」って思ったらちゃんとホットのカフェラテでした😆ここでのんびりしながらインスタ投稿してました。 キャロットケーキ濃厚で本当に美味しかった💕 #HAPPYSANDEULDAY

Mae Jeon〖Fan account〗 (@maeloveskpop_) Instagram Profile Photo maeloveskpop_

Mae Jeon〖Fan account〗

 image by Mae Jeon〖Fan account〗 (@maeloveskpop_) with caption : "Belated happy birthday to the one of the most beautiful voices I've known in korean music industry!  Hehe sml 생일 축하해요! 😘" - 1741139548018533038
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Belated happy birthday to the one of the most beautiful voices I've known in korean music industry! Hehe sml 생일 축하해요! 😘 #happysandeulday