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Riverfront Medical Center (@riverfrontmedical) Instagram Profile Photoriverfrontmedical

Riverfront Medical Center

🎶Tis the season to be jolly🎶 Fusion Pharmacy at Riverfront and Advanced Hearing and Balance have their holiday decor up for viewing. #hearingloss

Earplug Lucy Liu (@earpluglucy) Instagram Profile Photoearpluglucy

Earplug Lucy Liu

 image by Earplug Lucy Liu (@earpluglucy) with caption : "Banded earplugs easy to wear #earplugs#safety1st#foodsafety#safetyhunting#healthandsafety#safetysuit#roadsafety#safetyge" - 1933101556962537589

Banded earplugs easy to wear #hearingloss mob/what’s app:+86 15989016861

Olivier De Wulf (@neurasonic) Instagram Profile Photoneurasonic

Olivier De Wulf

One on one NeuraSonic listening session. 90 minutes of Mozart music and 30 minutes of Gregorian Chants, .... with a twist. Brain retraining at its best. #hearingloss @satoriyogastudio

The Shepherd Centre (@shepherdcentre) Instagram Profile Photoshepherdcentre

The Shepherd Centre

Our Teleintervention Xmas Party even had a visit from Santa!! We had families from Tasmania with us at the party (via VC) but any of our families can do sessions via Teleintervention regardless of their location - or in person - or a mix of both! Santa even managed to deliver presents to the children via VC!! Santa really is magic! #hearingloss

My Beautiful Brain Battles (@mybeautifulbrainbattles) Instagram Profile Photomybeautifulbrainbattles

My Beautiful Brain Battles


You may wonder what a boxing movie and disabilities have in common but Creed II is more then just effects and star power. I was shocked by the effect it had on me - I thought I would elaborate and share. [By the way; I promise I am not becoming a movie review page - just talking about some disabilities portrayed in the media. ☺️] I had seen the first part of the franchise a few years ago before I joined the epilepsy and deaf community. Then, it was simply a sports movie I enjoyed. When I entered the theatre to watch the second part, I had forgotten the finer details. So you could imagine my reaction to the first frame of the movie, when the main female character (Bianca) is putting in her hearing aids!! Throughout the movie (no spoilers!) Bianca’s Hearing degeneration is touched upon and even shown for the funnier moments it brings. It was the first time I saw someone like me in this way on screen. Young, ambitious, deaf, music lover, normal. Her hearing impairment wasn’t played down or built up. It was a part of her life and she dealt with it. It even showed her using some basic signs to communicate with her boyfriend. In media, deaf and hearing impaired people are usually portrayed as elderly, senile, mute and are used as either comedic relief or a sad disability tag line. It has had a HUGE effect on me to see a fully rounded young character who happens to be hearing impaired. Being deaf brings with it funny moments, frustrated moments, moments of doubt, questioning, upset. My 11 yr old cousin saw the movie and told his parents that “She is like Annii - she has hearing aids and she has to feel the music too.” It’s difficult to explain how amazing it is to hear that. It normalizes my normal. It starts a conversation. #hearingloss @tessamaethompson@michaelbjordan@creedmovie