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Read. Learn. Repeat. 📚 (@readlearnrepeat) Instagram Profile Photo readlearnrepeat

Read. Learn. Repeat. 📚

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“TOMORROW I’LL BE CREATIVE” WITH PICTURE BOOKS! 🌟📚🌟 • ✨CREATE A DIORAMA✨ • Pick a story with a great setting or scene and turn it into a diorama! •
CLEAN UP, UP, UP! by Ellen Mayer, illustrated by Ying-Hwa Hu (Star Bright Books; ages 1-3), follows a father and young child while they clean up the child's room and chat. With lots of spatial relation words and multiple illustrations of the room, there's plenty of direction and detail to capture in a diorama. • • • #homeschool


Jeannette Swan (@jett.swan) Instagram Profile Photo jett.swan

Jeannette Swan

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We are normally an “on the go family” with lots of activities but some of our best days are spent at home learning together, getting creative together and just being together. I love the bond that is created while learning with my children while they are still little and they want to be with their mama. 😎 We snuggled on the couch under a blanket while writing essays laughing at some of our ideas of creative writing 😜 Followed by sitting in the back yard and watching birds bathe in the fountain and watered plants and talked about the structure of plants because Zoology and Botany are their favorite subjects at the moment. We have the girls choose their own classes and subjects especially when it comes to science and history because they are more likely to remember facts and information based on what they are passionate about. To end our day Bella initiated a little clay art project for her sisters to follow. We love the freedom of our schedule because we #homeschool


SchoolAtHomeAndBeyond (@schoolathomeandbeyond) Instagram Profile Photo schoolathomeandbeyond


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Montessori Trinomial Cube. Do you have a child who is intrigued by puzzles like my ? If so, work with the Montessori trinomial cube may be in order! The cube is a fun, three dimensional puzzle which helps the child develop visual acuity and understand spatial relationships. The trinomial cube (link in profile) indirectly prepares the child for mathematics and proof of the formula (a+b+c)³. . . . Today’s happy Montessori moment: Trinomial cube completion!💡🙌🏾 His sense of accomplishment upon completing it is everything! 😍♥️ Swipe left to see his work in action. After his THIRD time doing the puzzle he closed the box and asked if I wanted him to do it again. 😳😂 . . . #homeschool

Read. Learn. Repeat. 📚 (@readlearnrepeat) Instagram Profile Photo readlearnrepeat

Read. Learn. Repeat. 📚

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“TOMORROW I’LL BE CREATIVE” WITH PICTURE BOOKS! 🌟📚🌟 • ✨DRAW THE SAME PICTURE FROM MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES✨ • Find a subject and draw it from different points of view! • For inspiration, read THEY ALL SAW A CAT by Brendan Wenzel (Chronicle Books; ages 5-6). Examine the cat's image changes through the eyes of the different animals. Then pick your own subject and imagine how it would look to each of those same animals. • • • #homeschool

Julie Soul ☕️🐸📚 (@homeschoolforthesoul) Instagram Profile Photo homeschoolforthesoul

Julie Soul ☕️🐸📚

Homeschool class at our nature center was all about insects today! It included petting a Madagascar hissing cockroach which was the highlight for both of my girls. *** #homeschool

Liz Blair (@217blair) Instagram Profile Photo 217blair

Liz Blair

 image by Liz Blair (@217blair) with caption : "Some days #homeschool is more fun than others. Had a lot of fun with this #science lesson on animal #camouflage. I was u" - 1893356749222700025
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Some days #homeschool is more fun than others. Had a lot of fun with this lesson on animal . I was up late cutting and taping and it was totally worth it.

One if the many perks of homeschooling - impromptu field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum yesterday. #homeschool