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Im God, Im Good 🥴 (@gimmetae) Instagram Profile Photo gimmetae

Im God, Im Good 🥴

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Still not over the fact that there was no special effects used😭 Jimin actually stood there as the water came down, that fire was real (we stan a fearless unbothered king) and jungkook actually ran on the floor as it was collapsing I could never- Follow @gimmetae for more✨🐣 #hoseok

1.800.seokjinnie (@kockjin) Instagram Profile Photo kockjin


 image by 1.800.seokjinnie (@kockjin) with caption : "Omo 🙈😜🙈🤪😎😜🤪😎
#bts #bangtan #bangtanboys #bangtansonyeondan #seokjin #yoongi #hoseok #namjoon #jimin #taehyung #jun" - 1915706557757388271
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Omo 🙈😜🙈🤪😎😜🤪😎 • 🥑 • #hoseok

14/10/2018.💜 (@pendeja.por.bts) Instagram Profile Photo pendeja.por.bts


 image by 14/10/2018.💜 (@pendeja.por.bts) with caption : "¿Alguna vez les pasó? A mi si >:’(
🌙|→Sígueme para más. @pendeja.por.bts ←|🌙
🍃|→Si robas dame créditos.←|🍃
『t  a  " - 1915706463060181447
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¿Alguna vez les pasó? A mi si >:’( . 🌙|→Sígueme para más. @pendeja.por.bts ←|🌙 . 🍃|→Si robas dame créditos.←|🍃 . 『t  a  g  s』[Ignorar] . ﹝ #hoseok  

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Smh my post didn’t post well yesterday. But yesterday I went out with a friend we went to get some smoothies that were so good, then after we went to the movie theaters to watch burn the stage and we are sour patch kids and takis. The movie was good like it made me appreciate the boys even more because they would get injured because they wanted to give it their all in the stage. It was nice to see them bond and have fun there were lots of funny moments. I hope that the movie is released again because I would want to buy it. Not only that but I saw some armys wearing bt21 merch and some of them were airdropping memes which had me weak. Overall it was a super fun day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #hoseok

park jimin ✧♡ | lucia 🐥 (@saucypjm) Instagram Profile Photo saucypjm

park jimin ✧♡ | lucia 🐥

 image by park jimin ✧♡ | lucia 🐥 (@saucypjm) with caption : "im never gonna get over this ethereal look" - 1915706276227244045
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im never gonna get over this ethereal look