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YouTube :THAT GUY KEN (@thatguyken) Instagram Profile Photo thatguyken


 image by YouTube :THAT GUY KEN (@thatguyken) with caption : "Been a while since I could just ride & get away from every...." - 1912712095504164807
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Been a while since I could just ride & get away from every....

Princess Diana Forever (@princess.diana.forever) Instagram Profile Photo princess.diana.forever

Princess Diana Forever

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The Last Princess Of Wales - Part (18): May 1995 saw one of the final public appearances of The Prince and Princess of Wales together, filmed with Prince William and Prince Harry at The VJ [Victory over Japan] Day celebrations in London. Later that year, the princess's life would take another turn after she agreed to give a television interview to The BBC. In the programme, the princess talked openly about her life in the royal family, her relationship with army officer James Hewitt, and her feelings about the prince's affair with Camilla Parker Bowels. She even raised doubts about whether Charles would ever be king. Shortly afterwards, The Queen intervened and the consequences were dramatic ■ آخر أميرة ﻹمارة ويلز - الجزء (18): في شهر مايو عام 1995، ظهر أمير وأميرة ويلز في مناسبة رسمية معا ﻵخر مرة، حيث تم تصويرهما برفقة اﻷمير ويليام واﻷمير هاري أثناء الاحتفال بالذكرى السنوية ليوم النصر على اليابان [في الحرب العالمية الثانية] في لندن. في وقت لاحق من العام ذاته، شهدت حياة اﻷميرة تحولات صادمة بعدما وافقت على الظهور في لقاء تلفزيوني أنتجته محطة بي.بي.سي. في البرنامج، تحدثت اﻷميرة بصراحة بالغة عن حياتها مع العائلة المالكة وعن علاقتها بالضابط جيمس هيويت وعن مشاعرها حول علاقة اﻷمير الغرامية بكاميلا باركر باولز. كما وضحت عن شكوكها بشأن أحقية تشارلز في الحكم وبشأن مقدرته على أن يصبح ملكا. بعد ذلك بوقت وجيز، تدخلت الملكة وكانت العواقب وخيمة جدا ■ #icon

sweetheart (@film.bvby) Instagram Profile Photo film.bvby


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"It was obvious that Brian and Anita had come to the end of their tether. They’d beaten the shit out of each other. - I thought Anita wanted out of there, and if I could come up with a plan, she would take it. - And so I planned the moonlight flit. I was thinking, “Right, tell Tom to get the Bentley ready, suggest somewhere after sunset, we’re getting out of here.” In some written work, Gysin recorded the devastating moment when Brian got back to the hotel and called him: “Come quickly! They’ve all gone and left me. Cleared out! I don’t know where they’ve gone. No message. The hotel won’t tell me. I’m here all alone, help me.” - Keith Richards, “Life”

DM FOR CHEAP PROMO! (Paypal) (@thehiphopdaily) Instagram Profile Photo thehiphopdaily


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“?” Or 17?

sweetheart (@film.bvby) Instagram Profile Photo film.bvby


 image by sweetheart (@film.bvby) with caption : "Frank Zappa photographed by Jerry Schatzberg, 1967" - 1912711326839163254
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Frank Zappa photographed by Jerry Schatzberg, 1967