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Emily Clark (@missemily1761) Instagram Profile Photomissemily1761

Emily Clark

 image by Emily Clark (@missemily1761) with caption : "Inktober day 15 “Weak” #inktober #inktober2018 #okapi #inktoberday152018 #inkdrawing #drawingchallenge" - 1908594220982268537
TipToesMcGoo (@tiptoesmcgoo) Instagram Profile Phototiptoesmcgoo



"You should have killed me when I was still weak" I'm still pumping out the rest of my drawings, just more at a pace I can keep with. My schedule has gotten a bit hectic so I needed to slow down. This is an OC character for a comic that I've been working on for over a year. I have hundred of pages written, just need to start drawing them out (and getting good at digital). Hopefully I will release the comic on Webtoons sometime next year. Why so long? It needs to be perfect. This is my baby, my little passion, side project. There are a few more side projects in the making but for now, this is the only one I'm comfortable revealing. 2018

Jessica Treadwell/ Yura-chan (@caged__butterfly) Instagram Profile Photocaged__butterfly

Jessica Treadwell/ Yura-chan


Day 15___ Celestial princess I joined @margaretmoralesart inktober, this one was done and coloured most of the others are done just not coloured, I just pull out my drawing inks and found some leftover pH Martin concentrated watercolours I'm planning to finish inktober even if it's November lol XD I might call it inkvember lol auto correct to ink ember, hmm I kinda like that lol 🎃   2018

Lolita Alyse 🥀 (@lolitaalyse) Instagram Profile Photololitaalyse

Lolita Alyse 🥀

 image by Lolita Alyse 🥀 (@lolitaalyse) with caption : "“weak” DAY 15 very late but I’m catching up slowly" - 1901326542908448337

“weak” DAY 15 very late but I’m catching up slowly

Red Poison (Dani)🎨 ᴬᖇᵀ (@apple_red_poison) Instagram Profile Photoapple_red_poison

Red Poison (Dani)🎨 ᴬᖇᵀ

 image by Red Poison (Dani)🎨 ᴬᖇᵀ (@apple_red_poison) with caption : "Inktober day 15:weak (débil, endemble) . Tuve problemas con esta palabra hasta que recordé al señor Burns 😅 y que mejor " - 1901016035454021879

Inktober day 15:weak (débil, endemble) . Tuve problemas con esta palabra hasta que recordé al señor Burns 😅 y que mejor que dibujarlo a él cuando peleaba con Maggie por su osito Bobo. 2018