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 image by eav ( with caption : "Together we will touch the Sky! 🌈⭐️✨
#chocolate #madewithlove #inspiration #details #new #partyinspiration #beirut #leba" - 1892058148304253681
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Together we will touch the Sky! 🌈⭐️✨ #inspiration

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 Instagram Image by WendyM.Fit ( with caption : "**PURPOSE IS NOT STATIC, PURPOSE IS DYNAMIC**
I listened to something awesome a couple hours ago and thought I'd share w" at Asia/Singapore - 1892058105227936397

**PURPOSE IS NOT STATIC, PURPOSE IS DYNAMIC** I listened to something awesome a couple hours ago and thought I'd share with everyone! It's so true! I remembered when I was in University, and one of the lecturers asked what I plan to do after graduation, I replied, "To experience working and living in Japan". Everyone in the room laughed because no one thought that would be possible. Wanting to have that experience was one of my few biggest dreams at that time. When I did the work behind the scenes without anybody knowing, to do whatever it takes to get myself there, and when I did achieve it, no one was laughing then. Instead, came shock and surprise from everyone. When I finally settled in Japan, it took me a few months before it dawned me, "Oh shit! I've actually realised this big dream of mine! Now what?!" This is what Pastor A.R. Bernard says about Purpose: Too often, many people think Purpose is Static – to do THAT ONE thing in which I was born. But what happens if you achieve that at age 27? You have no reason to live beyond. Purpose is not Static. Purpose is Dynamic. Purpose continues to be applied throughout your life. Your gifts, your talents, your abilities are given to you by God – THAT remains consistent throughout your life. But how you apply those, changes as you live life from one level to another, as you go through stages of life. Aristotle said, “At the intersection (of your life), where your gifts, talents and abilities meet a human need, therein, you discover your purpose”. How many times, how many intersections do we meet in life? Many – not just one! 🙏 🙏 #inspiration

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