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Lisette Stampa ♡ (@llisette.maria) Instagram Profile Photollisette.maria

Lisette Stampa ♡

 Instagram Image by Lisette Stampa ♡ (@llisette.maria) with caption : "You‘ll find us here🐬" at DRIFT Beach Dubai - 2003832585666691550

You‘ll find us here🐬

RashellSelahStyles (@rashellselahstyles) Instagram Profile Photorashellselahstyles


 image by RashellSelahStyles (@rashellselahstyles) with caption : "Class—never trash. ♥️
Happy #Wednesday Loves! (Tap for details.) #wce——————————————————————————
📸 cred: @rashellselahcre" - 2003832471866738004

Class—never trash. ♥️ Happy Loves! (Tap for details.) —————————————————————————— 📸 cred: @rashellselahcreatives —————————————————————————— 📺 YouTube: Rashell Selah 🔗 in bio. your closet with me!. • • • #inspo



What is your morning routine? COMMENT BELOW 👇(keep reading for spicy workout) When you have 3 kids, of various age and sizes, your morning routine is one that should not be messed with otherwise evil Medusa emerges to kill all objects with miniature legs, that demand your time and energy. I deliberately wake up 45 minutes to an hour before anyone in my house stirs so I can be at peace while drinking my coffee. During this time, I try convincing myself that I can make it another day with being these little creatures servants. I remember growing up my mom would do this. Wake up so dang early, sip her coffee and play a round of sudoku before either myself or 3 brothers woke up to bug the crap out of her for the rest of the day. I GET IT NOW 💡 My morning oasis sets the pace for the remainder of my day. My morning oasis gives me a small reminder that ME TIME matters and my cup needs to be filled to I can fill others. So mine looks like this: Wake up. Stumble from my bed to the coffee machine with 1 eye open. While making coffee sip back a glass of water. Speak my morning gratitude. Drink coffee in my office, complete a brain dump of my days TO DO’s, highlight the important TO DO’s then finish my coffee with a quick video of motivation, self help, meditation etc. If you don’t have a morning routine — momma YOU NEED to get on this. Waking up 30 minutes before anyone else will positively change your entire day 💋 Now for this Plyo Workout: 45 seconds on. 15 seconds break. Complete 3-4 sets. Quick but effective 💦 • • • • • • • #inspo