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Steve Fay (@horrormod) Instagram Profile Photo horrormod

Steve Fay

Watched "Drive In Massacre" (1976), another of @88_Films "Slasher Classics Collection" today. Anyone seen this early slasher? A drive-in theatre in California is run by a sleazy man and the hot spot to catch a movie, announce a pregnancy, discuss leaving your wife, have a quick wank whilst peeping, and get stabbed or beheaded by a mysterious killer. This is a very low budget film with terrible audio (you can't out many conversations), bad acting, cheap practical effects, a meandering plot, two fairly inadequate detectives, and is overall plain bad. And yet, there's a scene with one of the detectives 'undercover' in drag that was hilarious, and there were moments that worked, but probably not enough to warrant buying this, unless you like bad films to drink or get high to. Then, you might like it. The pacing isn't too bad - it's worth a watch, I suppose. The undercover scene was gold. . . . . . . #instahorror

Alexander Eastman (@aeconsume) Instagram Profile Photo aeconsume

Alexander Eastman

 image by Alexander Eastman (@aeconsume) with caption : "Never uploaded this before." - 1916946660332713877
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Never uploaded this before.

Coral --> Constant Reader (@prettyinpapercuts) Instagram Profile Photo prettyinpapercuts

Coral --> Constant Reader

 image by Coral --> Constant Reader (@prettyinpapercuts) with caption : "I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my giant ass family this year, so my week has been so busy with shopping, and food prepping" - 1916946460878737563
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I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my giant ass family this year, so my week has been so busy with shopping, and food prepping, and cleaning, and falling to my knees and screaming to the sky... 😅 . I started Ararat by Christopher Golden this week and my glob, it is really ringing all my bells, haha. It's about Mount Ararat - DUH - and there's an avalanche. The avalanche reveals this cave, and in this cave there's something that definitely should not be there. It's so exciting so far. I just want to sit and veg and read. So perfect as a cold weather read.

Max Convex (@max.k.convex) Instagram Profile Photo max.k.convex

Max Convex

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Warning V for Violence. More real life scientific atrocities in T.F.Mou's 'Men Behind the Sun' 1988, which shows in graphic detail the experiments carried out by the Japanese biological weapons research centre Unit 731 on Chinese citizens and Russian POWS at the end of WW2. It's anti Japanese propaganda made it a hit with Chinese audiences and spawned numerous sequels but the moral high ground is undercut by it's weird mix of exploitation horror and mondo style sequences #instahorror