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 image by Lijo Lee (@lijo_joseph_46) with caption : "#Into the wild#forest#breath#" - 1891135229349250208
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#Into the wild#


Whitney Gates (@whitgo8) Instagram Profile Photo whitgo8

Whitney Gates

 Instagram Image by Whitney Gates (@whitgo8) with caption : "#into the woods" at Olympic National Park - 1891134805740349877

#into the woods


The MBTI (@mbti) Instagram Profile Photo mbti


 image by The MBTI (@mbti) with caption : "Beautiful AND informative! Breaking some common #introvert #stereotypes from @annanaylordesigns  #mbti #introversion #in" - 1891134538076271728
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 image by Violet or V (@peterhollandfanfics) with caption : "#Into you part 12 ❤️💙
“Oh... my..... god.....” said my friends. They had no idea I had seen let alone talked it’s Spider" - 1891089930378316885
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#Into you part 12 ❤️💙 “Oh... my..... god.....” said my friends. They had no idea I had seen let alone talked it’s SpiderMan. As I looked at their shocked faces, Ashley broke the silence with a very loud screech. “AAAAAAHHHH OMGOMGOMG VANESSA ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH SPIDER MAN?!?!” We all got scared and looked towards her. “What? No! I mean maybe- I mean no!” I said frantically. “He KISSED you on the cheek Vanessa! Maybe he has a thing for you!” Victoria said. That sparked Ashley and Victoria to start encouraging me to talk with him. I looked over at Liz to see if she could help me get out of this mess, but she was just quiet looking down at her feet. “Liz, are you okay?” “Yeah. I’m fine.” She replied a little bothered. I looked down a little sad, wondering what I did wrong.... Then it hit me! Liz was telling me the other day that she was a little interested in SpiderMan! “Oh god, Liz I’m so sorry! I forgot about the other day when you told m-“ “No, it’s fine”, Liz interrupted. “I cant be mad at my best friend, especially since it’s not your fault that HE likes you... it’s something that he can’t control”. I looked at her with a bit of guilt and hugged her. Ashley and Victoria were looking at each other but confused then remembered that Liz also had crush on SpiderMan. “Let me know what he’s like, ‘Kay?” Liz whispered in my ear. “I’ll tell you everything” I replied. And we all walked out of the bathroom together. For the rest of the day, i had many people ask me questions about SpiderMan! It was really annoying but my friends would help me scare them off. It was lunch time and not much different than the rest of the classes, people would try and talk to me about SpiderMan! I didn’t want Peter to find out about the whole kiss situation since we already have something going on... I guess I would have to avoid the conversation for the rest of the day. •after school• I changed into my uniform and headed to the field with my friends to train for the upcoming football game this month. Once cheer practice was over, Peter was waiting for me in the entrance of the school so we could walk to my house as promised. “Hey Vanessa!” “Hey Peter!” CIC 👇

Bigkingleroy GothamCityMG. (@bigkingleroy) Instagram Profile Photo bigkingleroy

Bigkingleroy GothamCityMG.

 image by Bigkingleroy GothamCityMG. (@bigkingleroy) with caption : "#every #friday #6 TO #9 #tune #into RIDE YA GROOVE #with #host #RICKYBATS #downloadnow http/www.stars101.7 WBRKFM #REPBA" - 1891085370567017479
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TO #into RIDE YA GROOVE http/www.stars101.7 WBRKFM