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Tiffy 💋 (@tiffymdiva) Instagram Profile Phototiffymdiva

Tiffy 💋


Glad Brent is not afraid of Monsters 😂 We usually put away all electronics, but doing the @eaglesnestchurch These 3 guys are my whole 🌍 I know it may be old fashioned, but we eat all of our meals together at the table 😁 Life hack: work smarter and spend more time doing what you love with the people you love🥰 Yes I'm really just eating a bowl of Spinach 🌱 #isalifestyle


Don't take life too seriously 😍 Unleash your inner child more often. Being an adult is an option 😂. My family is having an amazing time at DisneyWorld Florida. You like my Dumbo socks? 🤩 Even in business. ... Let your inner child create your master pieces ❣️🙏 @disneyhollywoodstudios@waltdisneyworld - - - #isalifestyle

Inger Anne Kleppe-LeBlanc (@kregni) Instagram Profile Photokregni

Inger Anne Kleppe-LeBlanc


Birthday Celebration!! All in a shake. So excited to try this one!! #isalifestyle

Jodie Leigh Cartwright (@jodieleighcartwright) Instagram Profile Photojodieleighcartwright

Jodie Leigh Cartwright

 image by Jodie Leigh Cartwright (@jodieleighcartwright) with caption : "When I was saying bye to my abs before American pancakes 🥞😍 All about the balanced lifestyle 🤣 No I’m actually serious ." - 2003308050890393722

When I was saying bye to my abs before American pancakes 🥞😍 All about the balanced lifestyle 🤣 No I’m actually serious .. If you want pancakes, have them. 🙄 You will produce a certain stress hormone if you stress every time you’re eating something that you don’t have a healthy relationship with. 🤔🤪Even with healthy food. If you wanna eat healthy but you’re stressing about not liking it or ‘not being allowed pancakes’ (using pancakes as an example lol) So my advice is always .. if you want something. Have a bit of it. Or find healthier alternatives (protein pancakes so easy to make) 🥞🥰 I see so many times and it HURTS my eyes 🤣 girls and guys going on strict diets for a few weeks and I see their relationship with food & their body change completely for the worst. Everything becomes a chore, a calorie count, a stressor!! 🙃 Please just find something that fits your lifestyle and individual goals. I can help you if need be 🤩 but, don’t compare yourself to competitive athletes on stage. That’s a mindset & a competition prepping ‘diet’ should not be done for most people who’s not competing because it will mess up your head. ❤️ Now go eat some pancakes 🥞 and give yourself a chuffing break. 🤩 #isalifestyle