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I have always believed one thing and this is it... It all starts with the mind, no matter what it is... How much and how well is our nation investing in mind building activities? One of the things that creates a total man is the content of his mind...This is where it all erupts from... Take a bad city, build its roads, put street lights, decorate the walk ways and make it like the street of gold. If the minds of the residents ain't renewed, they will eventually return the environment to its previously bad state.(PastorRex)@lanre_rex_onasanya This sums it all... Your mindset influences and controls your actions which eventually determines your outlook or (Emerged Surface)... It's gonna be an explosion in the city of ijebu ode as the disruptor and the man with the wisdom that gets you stirred up, inspired and IGNITED as he speaks, will be live in Ijebu ode this Saturday 20th October, 2018 by 11am prompt. I will be speaking along side this man with the strangely productive thinking pattern for successful living. This is a rare privilege for me and for everyone that will be present at the YES Conference SEASON 1.... This event is worth you missing that party 😀😀😀. See flyers for now details #ispeak @darakike @solutionscolony @mrexlead @yemi_sanya @lanre_rex_onasanya @olakunlesoriyan @bimbomesele @topealadenusi @biodunfatoyinbo @pauladefarasin @iamtommz @olawaleayilara @littlelass @bankywellington @timidakolo @kennyblaqmcfr_ @alibabagcfr @mofedamijo @feladurotoye @profosinbajo @obyezeks @ogunstategov @govsia @femiosipitan @muhammadubuhari

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 Instagram Image by Grace-C™ (@gracecmac) with caption : "Book Grace-C today!! #teamgracec is available now for appearances, engagements, sessions, interviews, productions, colla" at Los Angeles, California - 1890956348775320628

Book Grace-C today!! is available now for appearances, engagements, sessions, interviews, productions, collaborations and live shows!!! Contact with inquiries #ispeak But Most importantly . . . . . .

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Let's talk about relationships, shall we? , , , relationships, We love these #'s. We love to have healthy relationships and true friendships. We love to see pictures of people who look like they were glued together from heaven. As beautiful as it sounds, there are different sides to building relationships. It won't all be rosy. You also need to understand that people can make or mar you. They can be a source of blessing or otherwise. People can push you forward for good or prune you. People will hurt you but you will find those who genuinely love you as well. Sometimes, you will also step on people's toes even if it was not intentional. So, let's get to the questions that need practical answers: 1. How do you change your company especially if you have been hanging around the wrong people? 2. What do you do when certain people you love so much walk out of your life for no reason? & How do you transition from relationships? 3. How do you restitute with people especially if you are wrong? 4. How do we actualize the concept, "Forgive and Forget"? Is it really possible? 5. What do I do if I realise that I hurt people? 6. As a leader, how do I lead effectively, achieve organizational goals & still build a good relationship with my friends who are team members as well 7. How do you deal with rumors especially when they originate from a loved one? 8. What is the idea of letting go? When do you stop fighting for a relationship and let go? 9. How can one love again? This and many more we shall discuss at the I love talking about these so much. I do not claim to know it all or have it all figured out but I sure have learnt alot over the years. . #iSpeak

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Randa Habelrih

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Here is Richard’s personal invitation to come and hear him and his friends speak in Brisbane about life on the spectrum this Sunday 21st of Oct. This event is about empowerment and opportunity. It’s about giving these young people who have so much untapped potential, the opportunity to show us what they are truly capable of. The effect on their self-esteem is huge, too often we are trying to fix a problem once it manifests, by giving our kids such opportunities, we help avoid some of these problems from manifesting. Prevention is always better than a cure! Bookings at