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••Eye candy GALORE🍫🍨🍦•• (@honeyuru) Instagram Profile Photohoneyuru

••Eye candy GALORE🍫🍨🍦••


(The different types of looks and moods during Valentine's Day 💕💕) Happy(late)Valentine's Day. Hope y'all had a spectacular Valentine's with your loved ones like I did :). Follow @honeyuru for more drawings like this • • • • • • • • • • • #japaneseanimation



AsianTRU (@asiantru32) Instagram Profile Photoasiantru32



——-Opinion on Opening——- If you haven’t figure it out already, I’m a big fan of Konomi Suzuki’s work and cannot be helped that 2 of her songs (and soon to be more ;) ) are on the list. ——-Opinion on Anime——- When the first episode aired, Before I watched it I had the impression of another generic type of romance comedy show to pass the time. However, it was more than that, I’ve grew invested into this show and looked forward to every Tuesday (or Monday? Can’t remember) when it aired. It was definitely a heartwarming trip for me when I finished it. #japaneseanimation

Sakuga/Animation (@sakuga_animation) Instagram Profile Photosakuga_animation



Check out my channel for more Sakuga! (Reupload) ~ ~ ~ Boruto EP 28 Studio Pierrot (If anyone knows who animated this, let me know please) ~ ~ ~ #japaneseanimation

Orlando Belisle Jr. (@youmaycallmelando) Instagram Profile Photoyoumaycallmelando

Orlando Belisle Jr.


The weekend has arrived, and so have I @amke🎎🀄🎴🎍 Got stress in the neck? Back? Shoulders?This weekend? Stop on by!!! 💆🏽‍♂️💆🏽‍♂️💆🏽‍♂️ #japaneseanimation

AsianTRU (@asiantru32) Instagram Profile Photoasiantru32



——-Opinion on Opening——- Frankly it’s quite adorable, and animation is spectacular hands down. Music mixes well with the opening and instruments are honestly my favorite part of it. ——-Opinion on Anime——- NEEDS A SEASON 2.... nuff said #japaneseanimation