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maris tanaka (@smile_maris) Instagram Profile Photo smile_maris

maris tanaka

 image by maris tanaka (@smile_maris) with caption : "10 16 2018
my photo blog♪
#鎌倉" - 1891540720213770432
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10 16 2018 DAOBUTSU my photo blog♪ 春つげ人を探して maris_photographs * * *


three boys (@chip.mel.loa) Instagram Profile Photo chip.mel.loa

three boys

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今日のお散歩はロング散歩なのでチップはお休みです🐶💤 おうちのある材木座から今日は山方面へ⛰ 鎌倉は至る所にお寺があったり、素敵な場所が多いです✨✨ メルロア連れて3時間みっちりウォーキングしました👣🐾👣🐾 それでも疲れないこの子達、、、🐶🐶✨ 怖い😱🌀 #kamakura


Kamakura Mind (@kamakuramind) Instagram Profile Photo kamakuramind

Kamakura Mind

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Wagashi Making Experience and Omotenashi Mini-Lunch @takaranoniwa_official with , wagashi inspired lunch by , We made Halloween 🎃 pumpkins stuffed with red bean paste, wrapped with dyed dough - a mixture of rice flour and white bean paste!!! Cross-cultural experience + multi-cultural people = 
 Most of our classes are conducted in Japanese, with interpretation and English guides to help non-Japanese speakers enjoy and appreciate the experience. We hope to foster a little cross-cultural communication and do our part in bringing the world ☮️ together at ☺️ 😌 #kamakura

 image by アヤナ (@aatin_stagram) with caption : "Today's弾丸鎌倉巡り💨✨
まだまだ鎌倉には行きたいところが沢山あるからま" - 1891528556127956734
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Today's弾丸鎌倉巡り💨✨ 鎌倉で有名なとこいっぱい食べ歩きして 最後に寄ったKAMAKURAって言うカフェ のアイスがまたまた美味しくて見た目も可愛くて先端食べちゃってまるいけど載せる笑 まだまだ鎌倉には行きたいところが沢山あるからまた絶対行くんだ!🌼 ・ ・ ・ #KAMAKURA

Tuan Nguyen (@tuaninou) Instagram Profile Photo tuaninou

Tuan Nguyen

⛩ Tsurugaoka Hachimangū (鶴岡八幡宮) is the most important Shinto shrine in the city of Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The shrine is at the geographical and cultural center of the city of Kamakura • • • • • # #kamakura