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Danielle Nonog (@daniellenonog) Instagram Profile Photodaniellenonog

Danielle Nonog


Let’s all PURGE! Shall we?

GinTama (@gura.sama) Instagram Profile Photogura.sama



This duo is so underrated also isn't it's kinda sad that people never really talk/care about Shinpachi as a character but when he turned badass in the 2nd movie and after time-skip people are like 'that's my boy' :-/ Btw sorry for the lazy edit. #kondo

🍁..نور عزواني..🍁 (@nwaniizwani06_) Instagram Profile Photonwaniizwani06_

🍁..نور عزواني..🍁

 image by 🍁..نور عزواني..🍁 (@nwaniizwani06_) with caption : ":
Biar sakit hati jangan sakit gigi..
Sakit dua² la!!
:" - 1930551827095750858

: Biar sakit hati jangan sakit gigi.. Sakit dua² la!! #kondo :

orlo_tokyo (@orlo_tokyo) Instagram Profile Photoorlo_tokyo


新規取扱ブランド 「KONDO」 日本史上の道具をモチーフに日本古来の彫金、錺(かざり)の技法を用いて熟練職人が一点一点心を込めて作り出すアクセサリーブランド。 成功、幸せの象徴として日本に伝わる鹿の角が繊細な和彫の技法で彫られています。 ファーストモデルは縄文時代の鏃と日本刀の刃をイメージしたリング、バングルの二品です。 現代の洋装に溶け込む鋭くも暖かい無駄の無いデザインをお楽しみください。 #KONDO

Hot_Stuff_Terkini (@hot_stuff_terkini) Instagram Profile Photohot_stuff_terkini



ESPRING vs SPRITZER 9ltr PERSAMAAN : ✅Dua2 air MINERAL 👍👍 PERBEZAAN: ✅ ESPRING air yg dirawat dgn uv light ✅ SPRITZER xpasti Kos setahun @ Penggunaan 5000liter air? ✅ ESPRING = rm600 (tukar katrij) utk 5000liter air ✅ SPRITZER = sebotol rm6.50 x 9liter = 5000 liter  x 555 botol spritzer = kos RM3611  setahun😧 DENGAN ESPRING setiap tahun ganti 1 katrij rm600 maka JIMAT RM3000 😍😍😍 Xpayah le p shoping angkut botol berat2... Pasang je seunit yg comel tu kt dapur.. Pusing pili.. Tadah.. Trus bole minum... 😍 Pilihan ditangan anda... GUD NEWS!! Dptkn promosi 4x(EPP) @ 6/12x bayaran (ZIPP) program c/card yg berakhir 14/12/18. Promosi beli dgn hanya rm99 pbuat kopi murphy richard(bnilai rm699).. . Berminat? Kita bagi info harga, contact kat atas tu☝☝☝☝    #kondo #kondo

GinTama (@gura.sama) Instagram Profile Photogura.sama



What was I thinking while making this? This is a complete bullshit! ...huh? Why am I posting this? Because I don't have anything to post.. Before you all go saying stuff like "Oh, this account is really a trash" here digest it. Please forgive my grammar mistakes (even tho this post seems like a mistake itself) I am not native person and I am still learning. #kondo


Voilà tout est rangé trié... J'ai par choix gardé tout ce qu'on voit (rien ailleurs) car tout sert au minimum une fois par an. #kondo