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Liam’s Lush Lawn (@liams_lush_lawn) Instagram Profile Photoliams_lush_lawn

Liam’s Lush Lawn

 image by Liam’s Lush Lawn (@liams_lush_lawn) with caption : "Meet Liam 👷🏻‍♂️
He likes a fresh cut, weed free lawn and a good fertiliser 🌱
A man of few words, golf addict and profess" - 2051174669311328373

Meet Liam 👷🏻‍♂️ He likes a fresh cut, weed free lawn and a good fertiliser 🌱 A man of few words, golf addict and professional sleeper 🏌️‍♂️ Be more like Liam 👌 . . . . mower



Kelly Matsudaira (@kellymatsudaira) Instagram Profile Photokellymatsudaira

Kelly Matsudaira

Hubby and I decided to invest in a new lawnmower because our old one just wasn’t doing its job well. He’s struggled with it for a few years now. After doing research, we decided to go with the Ego Power Plus 21-inch Cordless Electric Mower. @egopowerplus 🏡 *** I was skeptical at first, but WOW, this thing is amazing!! It has the same amount of torque as a gas mower but without the mess, smell, and noise. It’s SO quiet! It only takes an hour to charge the battery & lasts about an hour. It’s also self-propelled and this thing can MOVE. I tried it on its highest speed and it practically dragged me through the garage. It usually takes hubby 3 hours to mow the backyard when it gets really long, but with this new mower, it only took about 20 minutes today! No joke! 🏡 *** I’ve never seen a lawnmower collapse but it can collapse down for easy storage, it’s adjustable & very easy to use, and it even has freakin LED headlights. This has to be one of the BEST investments on a household appliance that we’ve ever spent money on. This brand has a whole line of yard tools and hubby is looking at getting a weed wacker next and then a snow blower, eventually. What’s nice about this line is that all the tools use the same battery, so you don’t need to buy each piece with a battery. You can buy them without a battery, which is way cheaper, and use the one you already have. 😁

1st Plant & Tool Services (@1stplant) Instagram Profile Photo1stplant

1st Plant & Tool Services

Masport contractor all ready for new home 😀 #lawnmower

Tools Carpentry Construction (@toolpig) Instagram Profile Phototoolpig

Tools Carpentry Construction


Definitely not as scary as the 12 inch table saw blade! This is the 8-9” B-14118 4 point blade from @makitatools made for the Power head brush cutter attachment. It says it’s 8” But it measures 9” so you’re getting a little extra💪🏼 This thing is going to save so much frustration with tearing up trimmer line and restringing. Just don’t use it around your above ground pool or your trees. 😉 I’ve been getting a lot of questions about which trimmer to get. If you are just trimming grass or light weeds the regular x2 36v trimmer makes more sense because it is lighter than the power head trimmer. It also comes with 4 batteries right now. If you need a heavier duty trimmer and plan on adding other attachments like the pole saw, hedge trimmer or the brush cutter, then the power head trimmer is the one to get. It comes with 2 batteries which is good for an hour of trimming. Don’t forget to use the code toolpig at @acmetools to get 10% off all Makita OPE till the end of May. Link in my bio. • Also don’t forget to comment on our giveaway posts over at for a chance to win top of the line tools. Current ones are the Fein StarLock and the Makita XDT14. The Makita will end Sunday and there aren’t many comments there so odds are good. #Lawnmower

Todd Saulters (@tdwsaulters) Instagram Profile Phototdwsaulters

Todd Saulters


@colt_dawg1 finally growing up some #lawnmower


if you couldn’t guess, it’s hard to try and sum up a whole year. the 2018-2019 year came with so so many bad memories, , but this year produced far more amazing ones. from wonderful get togethers to quejarse to the little lambs cult to my new best friend marion. shoutout to my seminar sisters and to my ~elite~ ap world and english periods. it’s difficult to pack so many memories into 10 posts, there’s just an unlimited amount ❤️ #lawnmower