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Selena Perez (@slayedby_selena) Instagram Profile Photoslayedby_selena

Selena Perez


〰️Life is more beautiful with balayage〰️ I love the contrast in this balayage! Remember to always come back in for a toner on your balayage to keep it looking fresh! #layeredhaircut

Shear Integrity (@shearintegrity) Instagram Profile Photoshearintegrity

Shear Integrity

Sharpen your own knives FREE (up to 5) on Mondays while you wait. Please watch a quick WorkSharp demo on YouTube beforehand. *FREE SCISSOR SHARPENING (2 prs.) every Monday at our office by appointment. You must watch a 10 minute basic sharpening demo for a better understanding of the process and daily scissor maintenance tips. All we ask is that you take some printed instructional brochures back to your salon and pass on any knowledge and information of what you were taught to your friends and co-workers. You may watch your scissors being serviced on close circuit monitors or inches away through an illuminated magnifying lens. Note taking and some restrictive pics and video is encouraged with permission! Warning: NEVER volunteer your coworkers scissors for sharpening when they are not present to inspect the work, especially when they mistreat and recklessly store their shears. Replacement Blades are $10 and instead of payment to Shear Integrity we ask that you donate the money directly over your cell phones to the Red Cross or Charity your choice. FREE GIFTS Too! GOOD KARMA PLEASE!

Jenna Warriner (@jennauinestyle) Instagram Profile Photojennauinestyle

Jenna Warriner


your hair is the crown you wear on your head & let me tell ya'll she's looking like a straight up queen 💃🏻✨ thanks for letting me cut your hair and do your makeup today @lauren.whitenack !! #layeredhaircut


Added some layering to this long and luscious thick hair #layeredhaircut