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Max - Vegan Skater 🌱 (@brocc0llie) Instagram Profile Photo brocc0llie

Max - Vegan Skater 🌱

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*PROGRESS CLIP* Today’s session was so cruel. Driven by frustration and anger instead of joy and passion I completely lost myself in this trick. Instead of trying to understand the trick and change the way I try it I wanted to force it. It’s painful to edit and rewatch the footage because what I do wrong is so obvious but I couldn’t see it while I was skating. @antonyallwood send me a pm regarding my last clip and gave me the tip not to bend down to deep when I pop my tricks. I had this thought before but never really thought about it but when I then edited this footage i could see what he’s talking about. In general I feel I have to be more relaxed and not so tense while skating. Anyway, today’s session left me unsatisfied but that only gives me motivation to go out and do it better! Much love if you read all of this! Keep shredding . . . #learningskateboarding