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Bushra Gazal Shaikh🌸 (@bushrashaikhofficial) Instagram Profile Photo bushrashaikhofficial

Bushra Gazal Shaikh🌸

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Happiest Birthday Bebe😍🙌🏻❤️.Little Did I knew,4 Years Back Seeing This Aggressive Kid On the stage fighting for his spot amongst to be the best out there.Blood ,sweat & tears spanning from your vision just to make it to the top!!That was the first time I saw you’ this nigga made me crazy for him right there and then! And I made sure in this lifetime he gotta be mine ,and for the next 7 life’s. Being with you turned out to be the wildest,boldest and the most beautiful adventure I ever took on.You’re my whole crazy and I’m more than greatful to share these precious moments with you in this lifetime. I’m hella livin’the best life with you,I can’t express how happy I’m with you ,Each &Everyday is so new with you and it gets better everyday.Thankyou for being the of yourself to me,for always striving to be my best and pushing me through all!!I love you crazy it’s just words can’t describe feelings!! I wish nothing but the best for you.You Got My Back Through All. can keep me the happiest as you did ,you are & you will 💪🏻 Issa whole future 💍goals for ya’all👅👀👑 #libra

Gordon Chambers (@gordonchambers) Instagram Profile Photo gordonchambers

Gordon Chambers

HBD to international marketing mogul and fellow #libra @nolanbaynes (on right) who yesterday invited me to see Africa Umoja—a musical about the history of South African music playing in Baltimore until this coming Sunday. Go catch this DMV and enjoy this snippet of “Pata Pata” with a 32-member cast. Went to in June with Nolan to perform in the pop-up. Looking forward to more international collaborations with the creative and generous soul. Amandla🙏🏿!

Amarres de Amor María Belen (@amarresmaria) Instagram Profile Photo amarresmaria

Amarres de Amor María Belen

 image by Amarres de Amor María Belen (@amarresmaria) with caption : "#libra #horoscoponegro" - 1895819116242099956
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Ruby Reads Tarot (@rubyreadstarot) Instagram Profile Photo rubyreadstarot

Ruby Reads Tarot

 Instagram Image by Ruby Reads Tarot (@rubyreadstarot) with caption : "#cardoftheday #dailytarot the #aceofswords power of #air
#swords represent #communication #thought #social persuits as w" at London, United Kingdom - 1895819024579842837

the power of represent persuits as well as detachments from unnecessary things that no longer work in our favour. The of swords asked us today where is it we need to cut off things and people in our lives that are no longer serving us? What actions need to be taken to protect the integrity of our self peace? Why is it that you find yourself in a situation where an irreverent and irrational nobody thinks they can unload their unrequited opinions upon you or your platform? I think NOT. The message that the card brings today is to suffocate irrelevant nobodies and their drama from your life. Yes. Nip that shit right in the bud. 🗡 ‘Off with their heads’ do not let anyone the opportunity to even utter any of their garbage to you. Not even one word, suffocation by the block button or a simple ‘piss off thanks’ you need to be aware, they seek to cause damage because of their lack of contentment with themselves. Their words mean as much as them... absolutely NOTHING. Apply this to your life today. No one has any right to override your truth, so be smart in what you allow around you and the words that you allow into your consciousness. Practice the meditation so if someone sends you good energy they receive it back but if someone is sending you something bad, they experience exactly what they wish upon you and perhaps worse as they have tipped the karmic scales. You do not have to tolerate bullshit, from anyone EVER. . . . . . . . . . . . . #libra

edera6640 (@edera6640) Instagram Profile Photo edera6640


 Instagram Image by edera6640 (@edera6640) with caption : "♎️🍃NATI OGGI✨22.1o.✨(*)
Attraenti. Affascinanti. Seduttori (altrettanto spesso sedotti, anche se, alla fine, fe" at Florence, Italy - 1895818206816403814

♎️🍃NATI OGGI✨22.1o.✨(*) . ✨👱‍♂️✨ Attraenti. Affascinanti. Seduttori (altrettanto spesso sedotti, anche se, alla fine, feriscono di più di quanto non vengano feriti). Pericolosi. Ma comunque controllati nelle loro emozioni. . Affabili, affabili, socievoli, gioiosi. Inclini ai piaceri, sensuali e golosi. . Na anche un po’ invidiosi. Soliti ostentare ciò che fanno. Benpensanti. Calmi. . Viaggeranno molto. . ✨👩✨ Affascinanti e seduttive. Pericolose. Magnetiche. Ma controllate nelle loro emozioni. Sensuali, gioviali e affabili. Golose. Ottime padrone di casa. . Intellettuali. Ambiziose, perseveranti e con una forte volontà. Solite andare fino in fondo alle cose. Oppure, un’altra variante di nati/e 22 ottobre: ambiziose, ma troppo frettolose, di una fretta che spesso farà loro sbagliare il bersaglio. . Un po’ invidiose. Tendono a primeggiare e a ostentare delle virtù che spesso non possiedono. . Viaggeranno molto e, se troveranno una persona molto, ma molto equilibrata, si realizzeranno anche nel 👰🏼. . 👍Pregi: -Magnetico -Affascinante -Eccitante. 👎Difetti: -Distruttivo -Sbilanciato -Prepotente. . 🔸Catherine Deneuve 🔸Deepak Chopra 🔸Jeff Goldblum 🔸Franz Liszt 🔸Joan Fontaine 🔸Valeria Golino 🔸Saffron Burrows 🔸Christopher Lloyd 🔸Shaggy 🔸Derek Jacobi 🔸Doris Lessing 🔸Robert Capa 🔸Luigi Carlo Farini 🔸 . (*) Il nostro SEGNO ZODIACALE è determinato dalla posizione del SOLE nel giorno della nascita. Il Sole ha SEMPRE una grande importanza ed influenza il carattere. Ma è il TEMA NATALE, ovvero la fotografia del cielo nel momento esatto (data, ora e luogo) della nostra nascita, con le posizioni e gli aspetti reciproci di tutti i pianeti e le cuspidi delle 12 case, a creare una PERSONALITÀ SPECIFICA, UNICA e IRREPETIBILE. . #libra