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Evie Polkadot


•• DAY TWENTY •• DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS •• I was totally stumped by today's prompt - and when I asked Lee for inspiration, his response was, "you're going to Iceland, take a photo of the fish fingers..!" 🙄😂 - so... with his offer taken care of, I also decided on the Plymouth's badge, for it's nautical nod... no zodiac stuff though. #livelove @ahouseindays@sherylonthespectrum@alfredandtheboy@life_at_no.77@insideno33@hardcastletowers

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joy schweizer

 image by joy schweizer (@joyjiimusic) with caption : "Photo repost from @nahkobear credit goes to @josue_foto .... i added the text...if you don't know the details w" - 1961148827177926940

Photo repost from @nahkobear credit goes to @josue_foto .... i added the text...if you don't know the details what else happened in this moment go to his profile and you'll see a young teenage boy with a MAGA hat and his buddies harrassing this man, screaming "build that wall, build that wall!" This man, nathan phillips, native to these lands, who himself is a vietnam vet on top of that. Seeing this made my blood boil, makes me cry, and makes me hopeful for an imminent change! Native americans are native to america. White people have come long after. We were immigrants first, and came to these foreign lands that were kept intact and healthy by many generations of indiginous tribes. We ought to respect all indiginous tribes and cultures from all over the planet. We're all born under the same sun, we all walk on the same planet. Walls are no solutions, we've Seen that in Berlin. Arrogance and ignorance are no solution. There is no supreme race. All cultures hold wisdom of some Kind. Its time we work together instead against one another. Take action where you can, every day, Moment to Moment. Pay respect to yourself, your elders, your kids, your families, your neighbors, your planet, and all that helps sustain life. Give more than you take and you'll be rich forever after.... #livelove

COSMETICOS_BEAUTYLINE🌺 (@cosmeticos_beautyline) Instagram Profile Photocosmeticos_beautyline



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