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πŸ’– Angela πŸ’– (@angela_loves3274) Instagram Profile Photoangela_loves3274

πŸ’– Angela πŸ’–


#london #🌲 #πŸŽ…

Colin Megaro (@colinmegaro) Instagram Profile Photocolinmegaro

Colin Megaro

 image by Colin Megaro (@colinmegaro) with caption : "How could you not want a gift from @cartier for the holiday? #london #holidaydecor #luxurybrand #cartier #paris #giftide" - 1931557822093824464

How could you not want a gift from @cartier for the holiday? #london

πŸ”Ή2 of my favourite posterior chain exercises (I.e booty expandersπŸ‘) . If you want them glutes and hamstrings to grow you’ve got to hit them with a mix of high reps (12-20 reps)/(low/medium load) and low reps (6-8 reps)/(high load). . 1st video: Barbell hip thrust . πŸ”‘ points - 1️⃣ Feet shoulder width apart. 2️⃣ Movement comes from hip, not the knees. Try and keep your lower leg as steady as possible. 3️⃣ Lower the bar as much as possible and drive hips towards ceiling through the middle of your foot 4️⃣ Squeeze the hell out of glutes at top . 2nd video: Barbell RDL . πŸ”‘ points - 1️⃣ Scapulas retracted and depressed throughout movement 2️⃣ Abs Tight, core engaged 3️⃣ Flex at hips (push ass back) as far as ROM allows 4️⃣Keep bar close to body, soft knees, and lower the bar slowly 5️⃣ When ROM ends, forcefully extend hips forward ⚠️Next time you try this exercise, don’t think about reaching as low as you can with the bar, rather think about pushing your hips as far back as possible. This will engage your glutes/hamstrings a lot more and also keep your back safeπŸ‘ŒπŸ» . Any questions shoot me a DM or leave a comment . ‼️ Legs ain’t as skinny as the camera lets on, just the angle okπŸ˜πŸ˜‚ . #london

πŸ‡§πŸ‡§πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ (@navyovo) Instagram Profile Photonavyovo



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