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 image by "Deorum" (@saint_peter_thethird_) with caption : "#female #magik" - 1891152767538212821
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Tonight’s messages brought to you from the : Whispers of lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield ⭐️👁Enlightenment : “connect to your true source to manifest your desires “ ☀️🙏Beginnings : “At the start of every endeavour, you will find Ganesha. “ *lately I’ve been trying to stay focused on my spiritual path but everyday life pulls me away from time to time but I’m learning to make balance work with the magic in my life ! #magik

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Maverick Mama Medicine

 image by Maverick Mama Medicine (@megankoufos) with caption : "What if you trusted yourself mama?
What if you just had your own back, listened to your intuition and mothered from th" - 1891136287285528566
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What if you trusted yourself mama? . What if you just had your own back, listened to your intuition and mothered from that place? . What if motherhood just filled you up, instead of depleted you? . What if you had full permission to NOT conform to societal limitations of motherhood - but chose to love, Own, embrace and express your independent, non-orthodox, free-spirited approach to mothering - without guilt or doubt. . How would that change the way you show up as a mother, for your kids and for yourself? . I get it - I’ve been there, and I know what it feel like to constantly question yourself, be overwhelmed, guilty and feeling so alone and misunderstood in your parenting beliefs. . We are ushering in a new way of parenting - one that is led by the messages of our heart, intuition and kids - and no book, or parenting expert can tell us how - because THIS GENERATION OF KIDS Is different. . We are paving the new way. . And I’m here as FULL PERMISSION to powerfully TRUST YOURSELF, listen to your heart, and intuition and see you kids as the amazing wise teachers they are. . BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT A SHIT MAMA, YOU’RE JUST A . . The membership is opening its doors this week. . Who’s ready to powerfully parent from a place of no fucks given of outside opinions, or what your parents did? . . . . . . . . . #magik