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Sarah Marie Putnam (@bendy_sarah_marie) Instagram Profile Photo bendy_sarah_marie

Sarah Marie Putnam

Today was an awesome mother-daughter day. We headed into San Francisco to Golden Gate Park then to The Academy of Sciences. It was so much fun exploring with Isabella and seeing everything from her point of view. She really wanted to see giant dinosaur skeletons and sharks, which they had very few of but she marveled in all the other wonders. She’s so thoughtful and intelligent. It was wonderful to just have a full day of singing along to Pandora Halloween music in the car, talking about earthquakes and exploring. 👩‍❤️‍👩 ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #makeadifference


Boardwalk Church (@boardwalkchurch) Instagram Profile Photo boardwalkchurch

Boardwalk Church

🔈Our spotlight this week is on the Satterfield Family! The Satterfield family is the epitome of servanthood. Talented across the board in 🎶music, 💻media arts, and 🍽 hospitality, this family is truly a blessing 🙌🏻 from God to Boardwalk Church... and to our lives individually. It is an honor to know them and to serve with them! Rachel @rachelanna17 has the voice 🎤and leadership potential to spur on the next generation of worshippers. Nathan is gifted in the area of media arts🎧--setting up a/v and running media seamlessly without ever an issue. You can often find Jonathan hanging out near the sound board 💻as well, and always willing to lend a hand 🖐🏼to our sound team. Dad, Jay, @jaysatterfieldrealestate is always willing to jump in last minute and set-up, break-down, or play hand drums🥁. Mom, Kami, @kamisatterfield is always willing to open up their beautiful home 🏡 for a gathering, and is a friendly face 😃you meet in the halls as well as serving in our Boardwalk Kid’s 👫department. Thank you Satterfields for ALL you do, and for blessing Boardwalk Church! Please give them a shout out📣 when you see them this week. 🙂 . . #makeadifference


Lori’s Voice (@lorisvoice_admin) Instagram Profile Photo lorisvoice_admin

Lori’s Voice

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We appreciate when the media embraces our charity and helps us #makeadifference @fox17online is a big part of our Lori's voice family. Thank you again please check out the charity wine event that we're having at Notos on November 2nd through our website

ASHA Sanctuary (@ashasanctuary) Instagram Profile Photo ashasanctuary

ASHA Sanctuary

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Darsha tries to eat Tracy’s hair, then falls asleep. Watch the full video here: #makeadifference

 Instagram Image by CC Marie (@miniccmarie) with caption : "She was not fragile like a flower 🌸
She was fragile like a bomb 💣 #ticktickboom #countdownbegins #explosive
This i" at New York, New York - 1894006679662506617

She was not fragile like a flower 🌸 She was fragile like a bomb 💣 . . . This is You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life.. you never know the moment they’re going to break. Sometimes people just need a sign that everything’s going to be okay. So that’s what I did yesterday, I left notes all around the city telling them that. I’m hoping these little notes find their way to the people who need them most. 💌 . #makeadifference

Colombo Law (@colombolaw) Instagram Profile Photo colombolaw

Colombo Law

 image by Colombo Law (@colombolaw) with caption : "It is very important to let your voice be heard!
Don’t forget to vote this November.
#Vote #IVotedToday #IVoted #You" - 1894006424288194133
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Act-Belong-Commit (@actbelongcommit) Instagram Profile Photo actbelongcommit


 image by Act-Belong-Commit (@actbelongcommit) with caption : "“Volunteering on my own, with friends, my children and family, gives me a sense of belonging. I feel like I’ve helped, a" - 1894006108775825093
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“Volunteering on my own, with friends, my children and family, gives me a sense of belonging. I feel like I’ve helped, and my contribution makes a difference." How do you ? #makeadifference