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MelissaDDrew (@melissaddrew) Instagram Profile Photomelissaddrew


 image by MelissaDDrew (@melissaddrew) with caption : "Casual Tuesdaze🌱" - 1937573943980598895

Casual Tuesdaze🌱

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 image by LUVQIS.SEAWEED.SKINCARE (@luvqis.seaweed.skincare) with caption : "Parut Jerawat dah semakin pudar
Pakai Luvqis tau adik ni

Cantik dah kulit tu kan

Nak pakai Luvqis?
Jangan malu atau se" - 1937573754818742391

Parut Jerawat dah semakin pudar Pakai Luvqis tau adik ni Cantik dah kulit tu kan Nak pakai Luvqis? Jangan malu atau segan DM atau Wasap 0132614404 #Makeupobsessed

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Lory <3 Jose


Firs the package is pretty and a lot of thought put into this one right here. I like the back of the package with her picture and all the shades and names on it. If I was buying at the store and wasn’t able to swatch it open the package I can look on the back and the shades and names are right here. Appreciate that! The mirror is huge! If I can get really good lighting in my home all I would need is just this mirror. No additional small mirrors. But the lighting here is sooo bad. 🤷🏽‍♀️ appreciate the big ass mirror! ❤️ Now the swatches!! Swatches from my wrist up: THE CREAM 👍🏼 MIDWEST 👍🏼 CORDUROY 👍🏼 GRATEFUL❤️ PI PHI👍🏼 CUPCAKE👍🏼. LOVE TONS 👍🏼 BELLE VIOLET❤️ DARK & EARLY 👍🏼❤️ TOP STORY 😍❤️👍🏼 For $14.00 that I paid for it, absolutely beautiful. The shades are creamy, buttery and some are more pigmented then others. Which is ok with me! I haven’t placed on my eyes just yet, and swatches don’t tell the entire story of the shadows. As everyone knows. This is my opinion based of swatches. But tomorrow is where we really gonna get the tea on these beautiful shades. I’m super excited to find out myself. I know exactly what eye look I’m doing and posted it early early this morning like 12 hours ago. I’ve seen many many videos on this palette but they definitely won’t interfere with how I’m going to feel about her (THE WANTS PALETTE) So stay tuned for more on @makeuprevolution THE @emilynoel83 Edit- THE WANTS Palette 🎨 Oh boy! Excited! Hopefully I’m going to be able to sleep now. I was laying in bed wanting to swatch this palette sooo bad and kept tossing and turning. I finally did! Not disappointed thus far. Goodnight! Gotta get some rest gotta pick up my babies in 5 hours or so. Drop daughter off at work, and baby and I coming back to nanas house to hopefully go back to sleep. Lol! Then at 6pm- 9pm shipt shopper shopping. Gotta do what we gotta do for our family and home. Ok I’m done now. 😂 I wanted this palette since she launched but couldn’t get it, but finally I have her home with her new family. obsessed