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Lucas Ribeiro (@luccariber) Instagram Profile Photoluccariber

Lucas Ribeiro


@unicefbrasil "URGENTE: mais de 1 milhão de crianças desabrigadas nas regiões de Moçambique, Malawi e Zimbábue, devastadas pelo ciclone. A ajuda é urgente. Precisamos de sua doação". . . Enquanto milhões de dólares já foram arrecadados para a reconstrução da Catedral de Notre Dame... Moçambique, Malawi e Zimbábue continuam gritando por socorro. Ao que tudo indica, a localidade serve como parâmetro para realizar campanhas visando arrecadação. Não se trata de ser contra a arte e a cultura, que de fato têm grande importância, mas trata-se de priorizar aquilo que necessita realmente de prioridade. A sua contribuição tem o potencial de transformar vidas. Faça sua parte. Contribua com a quantia que puder. O link do site está em minha biografia. Caso esteja desconfiado, entre no site da Unicef Brasil e doe, só não deixe de doar. Seu gesto pode mudar vidas. . . #Malawi

Rob Robinson (@treebaser1728) Instagram Profile Phototreebaser1728

Rob Robinson

 image by Rob Robinson (@treebaser1728) with caption : "Reposted from @ace_seeds_official -  Red Sapphire. Its spectacular flowers develop and  in only 9 weeks, developing an i" - 2025176747758520054

Reposted from @ace_seeds_official - Red Sapphire. Its spectacular flowers develop and in only 9 weeks, developing an intense pigmentation (regardless of the temperature) that paints the plants with all the colours of the rainbow: green, yellow, blue, purple... with most of the plants finally producing a deep reddish/fuchsia colour of incomparable beauty that has given the name to this variety. The buds are dense and medium/large in size, with excellent flower to leaf ratio (a pleasure to manicure), large and resinous ovaries, with a complex and exotic terpene profile (cherry, red fruit chewing gum, fine red wine and hashish), producing exuberant reflowerings in the last 2 weeks of bloom that crown its beauty and give it an exquisite final touch. A hybrid with complex genetic heritage, containing 2 tropical pure s (Malawi and Jamaican), a dominant (Nepalese) and a colourful indica hash plant from Central Asia (Pakistan Chitral Kush), which fuse their best qualities in a perfect /indica equilibrium. Fine by . Best seeds on the market. #Malawi s -

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 image by CichlidScape (@cichlidscape) with caption : "The first rack for the fish room is done🔨 Just a  of paint & we’re good to go!👌🏻🐟 #fishroom #rack #fishrack #diy #fish #" - 2025157348791703771

The first rack for the fish room is done🔨 Just a of paint & we’re good to go!👌🏻🐟 #malawi

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Water Charity

Malawi ReportShareDownload017

Maloya Village Borehole Project - Malawi The well is in use by the community, serving 379 households and 1,828 people. The borehole has a one-year guarantee against equipment malfunctions and other failures to harness clean water from the underlying acquirer. #malawi 💧 Click on the link below to know more about this project:

Long Beach Cichlids (@longbeachcichlids) Instagram Profile Photolongbeachcichlids

Long Beach Cichlids


Stunning lil 1” OB peacock I picked up from @nolansaquariumco!!! He wasn’t for sale but he knows I appreciate and love OB’s and made an exception. Thank you bro!!! I really appreciate🤟🏼👊🏼!!! #malawi

FishTimE (@fishtim.e) Instagram Profile Photofishtim.e


My son came down one morning and asked why there were raindrops on the tank sand. They're dimples the fish make every night looking for food lol #malawi