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Genevieveish (@genevieveish) Instagram Profile Photogenevieveish


 image by Genevieveish (@genevieveish) with caption : "Engels in Manchester #manchesterhistory #revolutionarymanchester" - 1961071613908516247

Engels in Manchester #manchesterhistory

Julia | Manchester (@julia_delisha) Instagram Profile Photojulia_delisha

Julia | Manchester

 Instagram Image by Julia | Manchester (@julia_delisha) with caption : "Martin Parr: Return to Manchester 
#photographyexhibition #martinparr #manchesterhistory #kidsactivities" at Manchester Art Gallery - 1960974925990605195

Martin Parr: Return to Manchester #manchesterhistory

bygone manchester (@bygonemanchester) Instagram Profile Photobygonemanchester

bygone manchester

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣Soviet Map of Manchester / 1974 (from the John Rylands collection) ⁣ •⁣ Super detailed map of Manchester, to be used in the event of a soviet invasion. The orange lines indicate roads wide enough for tanks (including Mancunian Way and Princess Parkway). The map includes sensitive information deliberately left off the OS maps of the day, including Strangeways and the Risley Moss nuclear research centre (near Warrington) 🗺⁣ •⁣ #manchesterhistory

Corinne Hope Potvin-Oriol ( Instagram Profile

Corinne Hope Potvin-Oriol

 image by Corinne Hope Potvin-Oriol ( with caption : "Pretty sure my Pepere is the tall drink of water on the far right in the ballcap. This was at 276 Cartier St in Manchest" - 1960602418854267806

Pretty sure my Pepere is the tall drink of water on the far right in the ballcap. This was at 276 Cartier St in Manchester NH on August 16, 1939. Don’t know what the Robin Hood Club was but I’d love to find out more. #manchesterhistory

Urbis ReportShareDownload166

007 Voice from the Town By John Bolton Rogerson, 1842 Death of workers (...) is republishing John Bolton Rogerson’s 1842 poem, “Voice from the Town” along with his original preface and including a new preface and poetry by lucy wilkinson and d.a. levy. Despite his difficult social and economic situation growing up as a weaver in Middleton, owning a bookshop, working as a cemetery attendant in Cheetham hill, a landlord in a pub on Newton Street in Northern Quarter, whilst also supporting a wife and five children, Rogerson wrote poetry all his life and even published his own and other poet friends that would gather in the Sun Inn on Long Millgate (which is now a patch of grass called “Urbis”). This poem reflects an emotional account of his experiences of being working-class in industrial Manchester during the 1840’s. He depicts smells, sounds, sights and feelings but also the life and creativity beyond the “worker”. He reminds us to stay wakeful and the power of passion and imagination in a society that only tried to stifle. This book is printed on recycled paper, 45 pages, with five colour plates. £11.50 and is available in a few bookstores or to buy online on our website: #manchesterhistory