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Văn Công Tú (@vietnamesegod) Instagram Profile Photovietnamesegod

Văn Công Tú

 Instagram Image by Văn Công Tú (@vietnamesegod) with caption : "Wine o’clock with an amazing sunset @mercurehotels" at Mercure Hotel Mandalay - 1931948199984237016

Wine o’clock with an amazing sunset @mercurehotels


Ed Harrison (@edwardjharrison) Instagram Profile Photoedwardjharrison

Ed Harrison

 Instagram Image by Ed Harrison (@edwardjharrison) with caption : "When the sky is on fire 🔥 #travel #myanmar #burma #mandalay" at Mandalay, Myanmar - 1931947711171611909

When the sky is on fire 🔥 #mandalay


Fascinating Myanmar (@fascinatingmyanmar) Instagram Profile Photofascinatingmyanmar

Fascinating Myanmar


The unique place that can give a unique experience to see the last royal residency of the Burmese monarchy at Mandalay Palace, an imposing site tipped in vermilion and gold. Constructed according to astronomical calculations in the traditional style between1857-59, each building in the complex stands one story tall, surrounded by high walls and a deep moat. The entire compound consists of many interesting attractions, such as the royal mausoleums, a clock tower, throne rooms, Supreme Court, and a royal mint. We can be a royal by putting on some royal dresses and take only photographs. This place leads us to imagine the life of the last Burmese monarchs. If you have been to Mandalay Palace, you have been to Mandalay at all. #mandalay

Andrea Hang (@andrea.hang) Instagram Profile Photoandrea.hang

Andrea Hang

Yangon ReportShareDownload315

The great Shwedagon Pagoda ✨🇲🇲

 Image by @stickyinhanoi with caption : "tea station #Mandalay" at Yadanabon Market - 1931940327460347604

tea station #Mandalay

 Image by @stickyinhanoi with caption : "passion fruit #Mandalay" at Yadanabon Market - 1931937124572255734

passion fruit #Mandalay