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EDIT: REPOST BECAUSE SOME OF THE LINES WERE MESSED UP BUT I FIXED THEM HSJDNF - i’m a whole 6 years late (it still hurts) but i made a killjoy sona/oc, roadkill snitch - anyway it’s 2019, year of the killjoys, which is another reason i made this >:)) - i’m an actual trash rat for a band that broke up literal years ago (ouch my heart) help me please - - - - - tags? dang i don’t do that very often - #mcr



I'm Mason AKA ☯🦋ᴵᵗˢㄒw🎤tchᴹᴳ🍻 (@im_just_twitch) Instagram Profile Photoim_just_twitch

I'm Mason AKA ☯🦋ᴵᵗˢㄒw🎤tchᴹᴳ🍻


Just a little piece of some MCR. Was kind of just trying to warm up my vocals on this one. I hope you out guys like you mofos @songcoversmusic@thespecialvoice@ig@insta@youtube@meetmeapp #mcr