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Hirofumi Nakano🇯🇵 (@hirofuminakano) Instagram Profile Photohirofuminakano

Hirofumi Nakano🇯🇵

 Instagram Image by Hirofumi Nakano🇯🇵 (@hirofuminakano) with caption : "今年初の「ひき肉少年」。これでもうひと頑張りできるわ。夕方からまた寒くなってきたし、インフルも流行ってるようやし、みなさまくれぐれもご自愛ください🍖💪❄️ #tgif #latelunch #mincedmeat #withspice #a" at ひき肉少年 - 1959447454978827162

今年初の「ひき肉少年」。これでもうひと頑張りできるわ。夕方からまた寒くなってきたし、インフルも流行ってるようやし、みなさまくれぐれもご自愛ください🍖💪❄️ #mincedmeat

κιτςκαισέφαγα (@kitskaisefaga) Instagram Profile Photokitskaisefaga


 image by Angiecook (@angiecooklover) with caption : "Minced meat with pasta😁 #beef #mincedmeat #pasta #cooking" - 1959397288359071385

Minced meat with pasta😁 #mincedmeat

BananiVissta (@bananivissta) Instagram Profile Photobananivissta


 image by BananiVissta (@bananivissta) with caption : "Eggs with Hara Lasan

Hara lasan or sprouted leafy garlic is a staple in the Bohra homes during winters. It is relished " - 1959174057930103550

Eggs with Hara Lasan Hara lasan or sprouted leafy garlic is a staple in the Bohra homes during winters. It is relished with a lot of non-vegetarian dishes, especially minced meat. This green leafy delight with the goodness of garlic is believed to give warmth during the cold winter months. It not only stimulates your tastes buds, but the aroma of the recipes prepared using this wonderful leafy garlic is a nasal treat as well. It is also used abundantly with eggs for breakfast. Here is an easy way to make egg and hara lasan dish that can be made in just about 5-10 minutes, but tastes heavenly and is an ideal for winter breakfast. Ingredients: (serves 2) 2-4 eggs 4-5 leafy garlic sprouts, finely chopped 3-4 tbsp ghee (Clarified Butter) Salt to taste Black pepper powder as per individual taste Method: Take a non-stick pan and add 2 tbsp of gheePut the chopped garlic and sauté for a minuteCrack the eggs on top of the garlic, spreading it evenly all over the panCook till the edges of the egg whites begin to crispIf you don’t like the running yolk and want it to be cooked as well, then add more ghee and let it cook for a while. You can cover the pan with a lid to ensure the yolk is properly cookedRemove it from the pan and serve with bajre ki roti This recipe is best enjoyed when there is plenty of ghee dripping from this sunny side up a plateful of eggs. . . . #mincedmeat