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Quotes by Christie


“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on it’s myself.” ~

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Andrei Levshinov

 image by Andrei Levshinov (@levshinov_com) with caption : "WHAT IS ALWAYS NOT ENOUGH? 
Whatever you answer is: love, money, patience, time, strength — it is correct. But even more" - 2027411163198608994

WHAT IS ALWAYS NOT ENOUGH? Whatever you answer is: love, money, patience, time, strength — it is correct. But even more correctly — there is always not enough energy. Especially when you want to move forward Here is paradox, our world consists of energies, and people are isolated from the ocean of possibilities. What's the matter? Man is nourished by an amazing system of energy centers, channels and shells. Vedic treatises described this system more than 1000 years ago Energy centers contain potentials of our vital energy: confidence, joy, mentality of love, physical and emotional state, attitude to money, charisma, verbality, will, and through channels these energies move, saturating our shells The strength of these qualities depends on how well these centers vibrate in us and the freedom of energy flow through the channels. Blocks, fears, limitations, sadness, resentment, anger, loneliness, dependence — talk about blocks in energy channels and centers It turns out that being in the ocean of energies, a person can remain "dry", having a blockage. Hence there is constant lack of strength, time, solutions... There is always a way out of such situations. You can spend years, like me, on special practices to master the energy and connect to it. And you can travel to places of power and "break" the blocks to achieve maximum vibration in the energy centers and clean channels Of course, after this energy challenge you should comply with the regime and rules, but still save years or even decades! I invite you all to an exciting journey through the places of power for 3 days, from 26 to 28 April in Pskov and its surroundings. There you will feel the energy that previously bypassed you side How do you get energy?             #motivationalspeaker