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Crash的作品中反复出现特写式的表现,眼睛等的象征的重复,人生无常主题的时态,以及传统涂鸦元素的象征。尤其是他的作品中几乎每次出现的眼睛意味着通往某人灵魂的窗户。在他的作品当中,除了他的象征“眼睛”之外,他的名字、脸庞、时态等的部分也被放大,常常一起出现在一个画布里。Crash积极利用亮丽的色彩和漫画形象,又将抽象的文字与涂鸦符号结合,他的画布作品采用喷漆,展现熟悉的漫画人物的布局。他的作品色彩艳丽鲜艳,使用了复杂的结构添加抽象元素。 Crash's works often use close ups as an expression. These repeated closeups range from symbolized eyes, temporal snapshots out of ubiquitous moments, to other traditional forms and symbols of graffiti. Eyes, which Crash often illustrates in his works, can often be interpreted as gazes into someone's soul. Apart from the symbolic use of "eyes", Crash also uses and enlarges his name, face, and state, and includes them on his canvases. Crash's style could be seen as cheerful and bright, and combines abstract typography with graffiti symbols. He often works with mediums such as canvases and spray paint, to illustrate and lay out familiar comical characters. Crash's colorful works are often founded upon complex structures that include abstract elements. @crashone #muralart


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