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A walk in the forest and discovered some pretty mushrooms. . . #mushrooms

 image by @_mr_macabre with caption : "#mushrooms"- 1959882424671730498


Brandy Wiley-McCullough (@bwileyinc) Instagram Profile Photobwileyinc

Brandy Wiley-McCullough


I am not anywhere close to being a chef!!! Which is ironic considering my mother is an amazing chef and owns the best bistro in PA. Tapenade Bistro- check out their fb page:) But I have to say that my have inspired me to get more creative and motivated in the kitchen. Best part is that using the vitality oils make food have the most unbelievable flavors!! My homemade sauce creation: In a hot pan on the stove, add a tbsp of butter and a dash of flour to make a rue. It will get thick. Slowly add some almond milk. Then add half a can of tomato 🍅 paste. Use a whisk and whip it a little in the pan. Add 2 drops 2 drops 2 drops and a dash of white pepper to taste. In another grill boneless skinless chicken breast with salt and pepper. Add in #mushrooms with and voila a meal that matches noodles and company

Julian Chiarella (@jamiriadas) Instagram Profile Photojamiriadas

Julian Chiarella


Etapa 6. Metamorfosis De perla a castillo y de hongo a pino. El combustible abstecerá todo el recorrido necesario. El amor de la luna despierta al capullo por abrir. Oasis, cascada de ondas sonoras junto al castaño. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mushrooms

Hillary (@hihillbill) Instagram Profile Photohihillbill


 image by Hillary (@hihillbill) with caption : "...And when the rain falls down, i know it's fallin for me... #mushrooms #nature #aftertherain #fontana" - 1959881376698286503

...And when the rain falls down, i know it's fallin for me... #mushrooms

 image by Brie (@wickedskins) with caption : "Advice from a mushroom...the best kind of advice.
#mushrooms #getoutside #playoutdoors #forest #hiking #runnin" - 1959881022757727086

Advice from a mushroom...the best kind of advice. 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄 #mushrooms