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My first week in my new high school in Canada (back in ‘98), the whole class laughed at me when" - 1982363442098493651

@harjotkmann ・・・ My first week in my new high school in Canada (back in ‘98), the whole class laughed at me when I was asked to recite a chapter from “Hamlet” by Shakespeare in front of the whole class. The teacher didn’t say anything 😂 because I am sure he too was baffled at the interesting ways I pronounced Shakespeare’s words. (Even I was thinking WTF am I reading?!). I went on. They continued laughing. All the while, rocking in my skinny jeans (yep, in 1998)- I pretty much brought the trend back, you guys. It was me🙋🏻‍♀️( that’s a story for another time 😂). . I didn’t understand what was going on. You see I was one of the popular girls in my school back in India. I had been public speaking and performing on stage since the very first year of being a student ( what can I say, I started young 💅🏼). I thought to myself as I read - no one has ever laughed at me like this before - I can stop and run back to my desk and give up and let them win. Or, I could continue reading and show them what I am made of, and mark my presence. And I did. When I finished, I walked back to my seat, looking right into the eyes of the two girls who laughed the most. It was a declaration that I will not be laughed at. THAT was not easy. But if I had stopped that day, it would have broken me. I thank God I didn’t. I could have let it break me, and feel sorry for myself. But also, truthfully, I didn’t know how to. I grew up as the girl who won awards for her school, won debate competitions, and performed folk and modern dance forms in competitions (There is a backstory to how I ended up being this girl,childhood illness and all...but will tell you that another day). . Moral of the story(post): You can change the trajectory of your life ONE choice at a time. You get to make a different choice to everyday things. You get to be the one directing your life. Please do not let smallness of others make you small. Fight for yourself. Fight for your life. Also, join my leaders group to become part of my high vibe purpose driven community. Link: Or, click link in bio ✨ . Harjot Mann Self-Mastery & Leadership Coach #mystory

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Help!! I need to lose 20lbs asap! Sundress season is right around the corner! I'm looking for 10 women to join me in a private group! DM me for details 💕💕 😍 #mystory 💪🏾💪🏾🤗🤗😜😜#🍫


With Cannabis I became my own pharmacist. No one will prescribe you exactly which one, how much, or how often. And at first it's scary, but then I realized who better than youself? To heal your wounds. So I'm searching in nature! In her leaves, herbs, and fruits. So maybe we're not pharmacists... but explorers of mother earth, deep divers. Holistic healers, Naturopathist, Botanist... or simply Survivors. -Rose F. #mystory Never swiping right again 🛇 💊 Artist: @lauramarcuet