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 image by @ben_mochy with caption : "#funtunmemories #keepremembering #neverforgotten #rip #f***cancer"- 1912299050353061461
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#neverforgotten ***cancer

🖤THƏ ĽØŚŤ GÍŘŁ JØÛŔŅƏÝ🖤 (@avexxzz99) Instagram Profile Photo avexxzz99


HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY ❤😋👑💫✌🏻😜📸 These moments are really special for me .... Bcoz i got u back in my life ..... Love u bro .. But gkay i never forgot you bf no one can fillup ur space..... Bcoz one can be like u and never will miss u bro nd lil gavy #neverforgotten

💋Lunnaa_sofly👑(The Queen)👸🏻🌙 (@notyour_cupoftea_) Instagram Profile Photo notyour_cupoftea_

💋Lunnaa_sofly👑(The Queen)👸🏻🌙

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"Precious in your little frame, You danced into my heart.  And with the grace with which you came, With grace you did depart.  You held my finger in your hand, And with it held my soul.  I fell in love with that strong heartbeat, One kiss and I was whole.  You caught me by surprise how much of a fighter you where, But I had to set you free the doctors couldnt save you my cries echoed down the halls of the labor wing of the hospital, 2hrs later you where gone I held you as you went to heaven, that night I cried my self to sleep alone with you in my arms. You left with my soul, but returned it when you blessed me years later with your brother Daniel. So today is ur 10th birthday and it feelings like you left me just yesterday, they keep telling me that time will heal my heart I disagree my heart will always be missing you, I know you see me Isaiah and mommy misses you and loves you baby boy, I can see you way up there and just know that your always gonna remembered, happy birthday Isaiah we love you, for you and your siblings I will continue to rise- sj" #neverforgotten 👶🏻😢🤱🙏💙

 image by Zeزn (@zeinskt) with caption : "🌹رحِم الله ضحكة لا تُنسى 
وبسمة لا تغيب عن البال.
كل عام وذكراك خالدة في  قلوبنا.
______________________________________" - 1912277608265916702
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🌹رحِم الله ضحكة لا تُنسى وبسمة لا تغيب عن البال. كل عام وذكراك خالدة في قلوبنا. ____________________________________________ 14/11/1935 83rd anniversary of the birth of His Majesty the late King Hussein. #neverforgotten

👑ܐܫܘܪ👑ܐܬܘܪܝܬܐ 💁🏻💞 (@nineveh_lover) Instagram Profile Photo nineveh_lover

👑ܐܫܘܪ👑ܐܬܘܪܝܬܐ 💁🏻💞

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One of my personal Idols passed away resently... 9 November 2018. A true Assyrian Patriot. 👑Nerary Yousif👑 Unfortunately, I didn't know him personally and I haven't met him earlier in life but his passion for his people and for what he loves was well known and even for those living miles away from him knew his beautiful intentions in life. True men like Nerary Yousif are one of my role models in life✊🏻and I know that he is for a lot of people out there in the world 🌍 He will never be forgotten by our Assyrian people and he will always live in our hearts💖 I wish great strength to his family and I wish that he will Rest in Peace Alaha menekhle go noora o Perdesa! 🙏🏻🌄🌈 ##neverforgotten