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Dina Rodriguez (@lettershoppe) Instagram Profile Photolettershoppe

Dina Rodriguez

Let's be besties and exchange selfies today! All bodies welcome! I want your face in my phone right now just so I can say how beautiful you are. . . This week I hit 30k followers of people of all sizes, shapes, and colors. You gorgeous people have been supporting my art and I'm so fucking grateful. I want to shower each and every one of you with compliments and endless amounts of motivation to keep being your amazing self. . . I know its weird right? Sending a stranger a picture of yourself. But isn't that literally the whole point of this platform, sharing pictures? And yet so many of us don't show our faces or use filters to hide away the parts of ourselves that aren't perfect. FUCK THAT! . . DM me that beautiful face of yours #nofilter and let's be best friends on the internet. I'd love to get to know you a bit more. Plus, I'm not ready to go back to work just yet and I need an excuse to be on my phone all day while binging Netflix 🙌 . . PS. I made this piece using Glitter PRO Styles, Actions and Brushes from Creative Market. Check out my Stories for the link.

Kyle Reenders (@kyle.reenders) Instagram Profile Photokyle.reenders

Kyle Reenders

 Instagram Image by Kyle Reenders (@kyle.reenders) with caption : "Car broke down in -30°C, at least this was my view running home! 
#nofilter #silverlining" at Narol - 1959713913138435240
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Car broke down in -30°C, at least this was my view running home! #nofilter