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 image by Cecilia (@gabrifllhmcdonougc) with caption : "小編有話說: #london #artwork #japanese #hairless #yummy #travel #outdoors #hair #handmade #blue" - 1957726629732128716
Spotter Up Tactical Solutions (@spotterup) Instagram Profile Photospotterup

Spotter Up Tactical Solutions

 image by Spotter Up Tactical Solutions (@spotterup) with caption : "$9.99 Our War Buddha patch is in! The Warrior Monk. The design was inspired by Herman Hesse's novel Siddhartha. In Hesse" - 1957726551610764823

$9.99 Our War Buddha patch is in! The Warrior Monk. The design was inspired by Herman Hesse's novel Siddhartha. In Hesse's story the protagonist feels disconnected from society and he is in search of meaning. This design has nothing to do with Buddhism. The symbol of a peaceful character (Buddha) was specifically chosen to contrast with our view that we must stand up for ourselves against evil, even using weapons if there are no other options. There shouldn't be an internal conflict nor a social disconnection. Our gunfighter knows what he needs to do and he gets it done. Life has purpose, he has a mission and he is going to fight. He must not live life passively. Our view is that men and women must live vitally and our sentiment can be summed up here: "Where is the locus of your pain? We can all joke about an injury by asking what is the "boo boo" and to show where it hurts. We'll even get a few laughs but the reality is we are susceptible to pain and deep pain simply cannot be ignored. Most men in our modern world who feel disconnected from the common culture and experience feelings of meaninglessness and futility should understand we are milliseconds away from reducing our suffering simply by attacking doubt with action. Men fearful of pain, deep seated pain, will never get to the root of the problem unless they examine the wound. We must attack any of our misgivings with deliberate honesty to prevent the corrosive power of skepticism from rotting us within. Deliberate action married with focused intelligence means we discover why we are dying inside and it requires cutting out our dishonesty. Examination begets facts, facts require action, action requires order, order creates conviction, conviction breeds passion, passion brings connection. Do the damn work doctor. #outdoors

Believe It And Be It (@emanuelavillorini) Instagram Profile Photoemanuelavillorini

Believe It And Be It


I usually post a lot of food, meditation but haven't post any exercises this is my new one. The hand grip. Love this new old gadget. Great for forearms . I do 2x 20 every other day. #outdoors

Sólrún Ólafs (@rune_of_the_sun) Instagram Profile Photorune_of_the_sun

Sólrún Ólafs

 image by Sólrún Ólafs (@rune_of_the_sun) with caption : "Finally winter came #winter #Iceland #outdoors" - 1957726520982185589

Finally winter came #outdoors

 image by madi (@mad_pollypocket) with caption : "A small hike rain or shine...and I obviously prefer rain. 
#hiking #oakglen #rainy #californiawinter #outdoors #foggy #h" - 1957726478577805315

A small hike rain or shine...and I obviously prefer rain. #outdoors