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MGL Fitness Coach (@mgl.coaching) Instagram Profile Photo mgl.coaching

MGL Fitness Coach

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Acabando el martes con la segunda sesión de Pilates, dentro de las extraescolares de l'Escola Montserrat. Ideal para liberar el estrés después de un duro día de trabajo. Te apuntas?😉 #pilates


yoopod (@yoopod) Instagram Profile Photo yoopod


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💥WEEK 3 💥 . This is a FANTASTIC sequence for shoulder and arm strength as well as Scapula placement and strength. . It is great for people with round shoulders (who isn’t… 😉) and for people with shoulder weakness and injury! . Use blocks to align the arms relatively to the trunk - you will need to find what fitness blocks works best for each client . Head hovering just of the ground – again make sure it is in good placement relatively to the shoulders and arms . . 1. Press the elbows down and lift the forearms – externally rotating at the shoulder joint 2. Same as above and then lift elbows off the ground until they are level (so that you are not in Internal rotation of the shoulder joint, although if you do - it won’t hurt…). Press the elbows back into the block and then release the forearms down . 3.Lift the whole arm as one unit, creating a degree of external rotation in the shoulder joint - elbows slightly lower than hands 4. Arms hovering off the ground (As above) – now pull elbows back towards the trunk while opening across the collarbones and increasing the external rotation . . . amityoungerOur great hosts @pilatestv@korayyagmur and @carinlenox and the 4 unique teachers below will inspire your creative flows for 5 weeks running Oct 25th - Nov 22nd @amityounger @victorsorli_pilates@nivenessp @joshua.s3 . . Every week we’ll post variations of a new theme for you and your men to try! . . It is going to be a game changer for both strength and flexibility!! 👊💪 . . Create your favorite stretch and strength flow showcasing Real Men Doing Pilates! . . We have INCREDIBLE prizes! . . @balanced_body ~ is donating two AMAZING prizes a Pilates Arc and Rotator Discs for our winners!! . @toneybands ~ is also donating 2 FANTASTIC Toneybands for our winners! . . To be eligible for prizes you MUST follow and tag all HOSTS, FEATURED TEACHERS and SPONSORS and participate in EACH WEEK of the challenge. . . Also USE the hashtag 🙌🏼 . ☣️ I hope you’ll join us and that you’ll feel great for it!! ☣️ . #pilates


Leading Edge Fitness (@leading_edge_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo leading_edge_fitness

Leading Edge Fitness

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S.W.E.A.T. It feels good and releases toxins 👍 Join us today for a feel good sweat sesh.. 915am Small Group PT 915am Metafit 7pm Pilates 8pm Metafit ALL fitness levels welcome Child & family friendly sessions FREE trial available Details Contact Lorraine 0400 081 123 #pilates

BAMBU Pilates / Özgür Sezik (@bambupilatesstudio) Instagram Profile Photo bambupilatesstudio

BAMBU Pilates / Özgür Sezik

veya tüm kaslarınızı çalıştırırken aynı zamanda yüksek koordinasyon, denge ve nefes kontrolü sağlamanızı destekler! Seri boyunca karın kasları aktiftir. #pilates @ozgur_sezik &@osgeataman 💪👍✌

Pilates One2One (@pilatesone2one) Instagram Profile Photo pilatesone2one

Pilates One2One

 Instagram Image by Pilates One2One (@pilatesone2one) with caption : "Disfruta del mejor PILATES de la Costa del Sol‼️ ha terminado el verano, ya no tienes excusas 🤸‍♀️🤩‼️Consulta tari" at Marbella, Spain - 1911942968068042227

Disfruta del mejor PILATES de la Costa del Sol‼️ ha terminado el verano, ya no tienes excusas 🤸‍♀️🤩‼️Consulta tarifas al 635116237 o enviando un mail a #pilates #pilates