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Dec 12th: : The problem is not fear, you are supposed to be afraid to be here. Relatively speaking, we are in the middle of nowhere on a vessel orbiting a strange flame that we calculate may one day wipe away the home we sprawled from...on the edge of a galaxy set to one day collide with another...for no reason other than all things must collapse to give way for new life. So how many times has it collapsed? How many times has life been reborn? Was our "big bang" the first? And to top that we are the leaders of this planet, self-proclaimed, but we are the apex predators here. We are so formidable in fact that the only real threat to our species is our inability to work together. So you are right to be afraid, of yourself...of others. But here's the thing...what separates the greats from the average is the ability, the will, to outwork that fear. Thats all courage is. Since second grade I have been writing poetry and making art, documented. And yet, every single time I pick up a marker I get apprehensive, my fear response kicks in...that doubt of not measuring up to the image in my head. In the most insightful way possible life never goes as you imagine, good or bad. Life is either overwhelming or underwhelming result wise, never just whelming. And the beauty of that is you will never have it figured out. You are never going to hack life, you are never going to out think the universe because you are a part of it. The task is not to eliminate fear, its to recognize fear is a part of the process, make a calculated risk, and jump...your dreams depend on it. // community // //