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For when they hide behind the fridge

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Let’s talk about this one...lead deputy gets T-boned by a fleeing suspect (who then foot-bails from his wrecked car). It looks like she’s going into foot pursuit until her partner grabs her and tells her to sit down. If you’re that second deputy, do you think you’re better off having her continue what she’s doing, or do you think the risk of her getting further injured (or having some head trauma that compromises her safety/judgment) outweighs the reward? (suspect was caught). ———————————————————- posts fitness 🇺🇸AF *for educational and training purposes* @policepostsfitness@policeposts@fearthek9 Don't forget to follow:➡ @herb.j.floyd 😎 ✅ 😍 * ✅🐶💓 * 🌸 Tag & Share with your Friends⤵ * 🎬Directed by @policepostsllc_usa 👮

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It might be today, but for us it's also Day. So turn on your headlights, fire up your lightsabers, and be with you. Learn more. → DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵ 💋 😍 💟 🙏 Plz Follow us - @sheila.t.robertson * Tag your love 😘 * ✅ Turn Post Notification on 📣 ✅ Follow, like and comment ✏ ✅ Tag your friends 👥 * 🎥🎞 @victoriapolice_usa 👮

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Safe Life Defense Body Armor

 image by Safe Life Defense Body Armor (@safelifedefense) with caption : "TAG someone who has your back. 😎👊😎
@nickgroat and @sabbatino were friends long before they started #safelifedefense - " - 2002637894317876616

TAG someone who has your back. 😎👊😎 - @nickgroat and @sabbatino were friends long before they started - when Nick asked Andrew to help him build a body armor company (Safe Life Defense), Andrew said NO. 😂 But it wasn’t long before he changed his mind. Because real friends will help you succeed. They push you to be better. And they will always have your back.😁 - #police_usa @cqm_group@shawn_sloan_official