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Buzz Beekeeping Supplies � (@beekeepingsuppliesatlanta) Instagram Profile Photobeekeepingsuppliesatlanta

Buzz Beekeeping Supplies �

Beekeeping Gloves! It is the Perfect gift for both Professional or Beginning Beekeepers! Check our FACEBOOK PAGE to buy these awesome gloves! Link on bio. 👍 Genuine Cow Leather 🐝 Genuine Goatskin Leather 🐝 DESIGNED BY BEEKEEPERS FOR BEEKEEPERS – We use what we sell - These gauntlet style gloves were designed to address problems we had with other beekeeper gloves. #pollen 🐝 🐝

Transatlantic Living (@transatlanticlivingblog) Instagram Profile Phototransatlanticlivingblog

Transatlantic Living

 Instagram Image by Transatlantic Living (@transatlanticlivingblog) with caption : "HELLO 🙋🏼
It's been a busy week! I got sick over Easter weekend (allergies thanks to flowers like these blooms right " at Montpellier, France - 2030372818647437679

HELLO 🙋🏼 . . It's been a busy week! I got sick over Easter weekend (allergies thanks to flowers like these blooms right outside my house, according to my doctor 🙄) and as a result I've been blowing my nose and coughing ever since. 🤧 Luckily, I live in a country with socialized medicine which allowed me to get an appointment and a whole sack full of medicine with zero co-pay. 🇫🇷 . . But I'm a big girl and that means going to work even with a runny nose, and the second week of my internship has flown by. I really do like this type of work in the communication world. 🤓 . . The good thing about doing it part-time (with my job at the hotel also part-time) is that it leaves me a little wiggle room for working on my mémoire. And thank goodness, with only 26 days left to go now. 🙃 Yesterday I spent 4 hours in the silent room at the library and I was able to put a dent in it. Just gotta keep going like that for a few more weeks and it'll be done before I know it! . . After next Friday, all my end of the year dossiers will be turned in and the mémoire will (finally) be the only thing left for me to focus on! And after my presentation in early June, I'll be free to do whatever I like again, which means you can expect more new videos from me. 😉 . . #pollen

Womens Favorites (@womensfavorites) Instagram Profile Photowomensfavorites

Womens Favorites

 image by Womens Favorites (@womensfavorites) with caption : "Goedemorgen!! Wat een weer zeggen zég😅" - 2030372541177926705

Goedemorgen!! Wat een weer zeggen zég😅