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I always thought I was an introvert until Friday night. Then I realised that I was just a shy extrovert. Intro/extroversion is all about how you feel after social interactions: If you feel like you need time to yourself to recharge after being with other people, then you are most likely an introvert. If you feel energised after being social, then you are most likely an extrovert. On Friday I went out with a group of friends and I had the best time ever. On Saturday I was still buzzing and felt great (despite my flu emerging!). I realised that it’s my mental illnesses convincing me that I prefer to be alone and that a life in isolation is what I want. But my mental illness isn’t me, and when I went out on Friday I realised that once and for all. I’m glad I have. My belief that being alone is where I am happiest would’ve affected everything: my relationships, my uni choices, my general happiness. As much as we can be independent, humans are tribe creatures and need social interactions to survive! So, thank you to my friends on Friday. I love you all xx


Post workout refueling breakfast with all macronutrients💪 Protein from joghurt, healthy fats in the walnuts and poppy seeds, carbohydrates from the fruits. To make it even more yummy I drizzled some vanilla extract😍 #poppyseed

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фотографша Сашка Пирогова.

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Lynn Simon


While the voting of still goes on, I join sweet Hope's @honeygrovebears and bring some dessert to share with y'all! First a lemon panna cotta with mango💛 and passionfruit💛 salad, and some figs. Second here is stewed plum with white chocolate and poppy seed cream! I hope you enjoy these delicousness! 😊😊 #poppyseed #🍮 #🍫 #🍧 #🍨

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Naomi G

 Instagram Image by Naomi G (@nomimaybe) with caption : "PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF. If you take all my spoons away, I’ll just use my fingers... I’ve never cared about opiates, " at Alameda, California - 2002884260889119753

PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF. If you take all my spoons away, I’ll just use my fingers... I’ve never cared about opiates, but this shit... THIS SHIT. #poppyseed

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Sarah Jane @bakerandcook

 image by Sarah Jane @bakerandcook (@sarahjanebakerandcook) with caption : "Lemon & Poppy Seed Bundt Cake perfect served with tea!
Lemon#poppyseed#cake#baking#afternoontea#tea#coffee#cafe#" - 2002876958892675019

Lemon & Poppy Seed Bundt Cake perfect served with tea! - - - - Lemon#poppyseed