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Cooking By K❤️ (@klittleskitchen) Instagram Profile Photoklittleskitchen

Cooking By K❤️

 carousel by Cooking By K❤️ (@klittleskitchen) with caption : "Potato  with cheese😋
@aziztime #potato" - 2030467141387873511

Potato with cheese😋 @aziztime

Glendale Eats (@glendaleeats) Instagram Profile Photoglendaleeats

Glendale Eats

 image by Glendale Eats (@glendaleeats) with caption : "The Seafood #PotatoBall is available now for a limited & is also available with @portosbakeathome 🤤😋#Portos famous potat" - 2030428590023590750

The Seafood is available now for a limited & is also available with @portosbakeathome 🤤😋 famous potato puree filled with a ragout of shrimp, scallops, & calamari, then coated with lemon zest & panko bread crumbs. Hurry in, they won't be here long! s s

NBC Los Angeles (@nbcla) Instagram Profile Photonbcla

NBC Los Angeles

Hooray for potato balls!⁣⠀ And hooray for West Covina, where a new @portosbakery is set to open. Honestly, the design is pretty gorgeous. ⁣⠀ We bet you can just taste the pastries, Cubano sandwiches, potato balls, and so much more. 🤤⁣⠀ Click the link in our bio for the official open date with hours, and to see more sleek pictures of the newest Porto's. ⁣⠀ 📸: @michaeldashphotography ⁣⠀ #potatoballs

Panda’s Belly (@pandas_belly) Instagram Profile Photopandas_belly

Panda’s Belly

 Instagram Image by Panda’s Belly (@pandas_belly) with caption : "Every year after the Professional BusinessWomen of California conference, a bunch of coworkers and I go to @jambersf for" at Jamber - 2030190162051641408
Jamber ReportShareDownload211

Every year after the Professional BusinessWomen of California conference, a bunch of coworkers and I go to @jambersf for some drinks and light bites. This year, one of the organizations set up a buffet spread for us. My favorite thing at Jamber is their soft pretzel w/ cheese ale sauce. It is sooooo good. I can easily polish off and order of that by myself and when I go with friends I recommend we get our own order or split with at most one other person bc you’re not gonna want to share haha. Everyone’s agreed with me once they’ve tried it. Their mozzarella sticks are also good and quite sizable. As is always the case with mozzarella sticks, you should eat them when they’re still hot. Thanks to the buffet spread, I also tried the Parmesan and rosemary mashed potato tots (pretty good), pizza bites (a little soggy but pretty good), and sweet potato tots (ok). They have a good drink selection. I stuck with a couple of glasses of sangria this time. . 🎋🎋🎋🎋 out of 5 . . . . . #potatoballs

OnTheGoOC 💫 Content Creator (@onthegooc) Instagram Profile Photoonthegooc

OnTheGoOC 💫 Content Creator

*swipe left* all know I'm in heaven at @portosbakery !!!! Their newest location will be open next week on the 30th & I can not rave enough about the food, sweets, savory treats & coffee. Love this family run business & all their delish eats. Thanks for having us out today at the preview & congratulations on your location... can you open one in south OC too please & thank you kindly. Ad. #potatoballs

khaana_aazmana (@khaana_aazmana) Instagram Profile Photokhaana_aazmana


 image by khaana_aazmana (@khaana_aazmana) with caption : "#samosa #rice #potatoballs #yumm #yummyfood" - 2030096579277647249
GomBRO'c (@gombroc) Instagram Profile Photogombroc


 image by GomBRO'c (@gombroc) with caption : "A ropogós külső vajpuha belsőt takar!🐷
KONFI" - 2030092757871320733

A ropogós külső vajpuha belsőt takar!🐷 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- KONFITÁLT CSÜLÖK PIRÍTOTT HAGYMÁS, PETREZSELYMES BURGONYAGOMBÓCCAL, SAVANYÚ KÁPOSZTÁVAL --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aki nem hiszi, járjon utána!😀 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 ASZTALFOGLALÁS/RESERVATION: +36 (20) 455 5877 BUDAPEST, 1031 NÁNÁSI ÚT 47-49. Az étlapunkat itt találod: Nyitvatartás: Hétfő: ZÁRVA kedd: 11:00 – 21:00 szerda: 11:00 – 21:00 csütörtök: 11:00 – 21:00 péntek: 11:00 – 22:00 szombat: 11:00 – 22:00 vasárnap: 11:00 – 21:00 balls