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S I G H T W O R D B L O C K S. • How cute are these! I used some of our @megabloks to create some sight words for Emily. I didn’t have as many singular blocks as I thought so I couldn’t do as many as I wanted, but still fun! @everydayplayhacks • • • -Mel🌻 #preschooleractivities


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Who doesn’t love building blocks!!🖤 • Call me crazy, and I’m probably in the minority but we 100% prefer @megabloks over lego. They’re more adorable, they’re traditionally simple to use and not overly complicated but also hold hours of fun and attention! Already this morning I’ve heard the girls making a castle, tower, bridge, car. And not one argument!! So that’s a winner in my books!!🖤 • Comment with a 🖤 if you prefer mega bloks also! • Later today I’ll be posting something we’ve done that incorporates mega bloks & learning!👀 • • • -Mel🌻 #preschooleractivities


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E is for...Earth! 🌏 • • This afternoon Avah and I sat down to go through our Space Atlas for Kids and learn more about Earth. We learnt that Earth is the third planet from the Sun, Earth is the only planet with life - Animals, Plants and of course Humans, Earth is the only planet with breathable oxygen, Earth has One Moon that determines tides and so much more! • • Avah is beginning to be more interested in this topic and responds well to learning about the planets in our Solar System. Later in the week I’ll extend on this topic with a more hands on activity so stay tuned! ✨-Amy • • • #preschooleractivities

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E is for... Eggs 🍳 • • Egg Shell Splash! Eggs with a bit of a twist! I can’t stand eggs I think they are a bit gross so I asked my husband when he makes his omelettes ect to remove the contents carefully and keep the shells. • • What I came up with was to fill the egg shells with paint and glitter ✨ I got Avah to stand on her mud kitchen and drop the egg shell from height to create Egg Shell Splash Art! So messy but so much fun and the end result is pretty awesome! • • What Egg activities can you come up with this week? ✨-Amy • • • #preschooleractivities

Veronika | Homeschooling Mama (@toddleratplay) Instagram Profile Photo toddleratplay

Veronika | Homeschooling Mama

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SCOOPING BIN // aka bin that will keep kids busy for a looooonnng time! Seriously, so brilliant! ✨ and literally costs close to nothing to make! I used brown rice, peas and a mix of beans for the bin to create multiple textures and weights and placed a variety of bottles from whatever I could find (bottles from spices, yogurts and drinks). And of course I handed my kids some tiny spoons to scoop with. The smaller the better because it works on more fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration 💡This is a great bin if you need the kids to stay independent for a while and my 4 year old stayed put playing and scooping even longer than my 2 year old! Score! 💃🏼🌈✨ click on my bio to find the direct link👆🏻

A Crafty LIVing • Olivia (@acraftyliving) Instagram Profile Photo acraftyliving

A Crafty LIVing • Olivia

 image by A Crafty LIVing • Olivia (@acraftyliving) with caption : "This DIY Ball Drop made with an off-cut of wood & some PVC pipes would make a great DIY gift for your little ones this C" - 1890582774283210193
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This DIY Ball Drop made with an off-cut of wood & some PVC pipes would make a great DIY gift for your little ones this Christmas! 🎁 You can find the how-to on my website - just search ‘Baby Ball Drop’ via the link in my bio. ⚽️🏀🎾

Whale, Hello! (@whalehellosg) Instagram Profile Photo whalehellosg

Whale, Hello!

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One of our favourite things - packing these boxes with all the activities for your little ones to play with, explore and learn, with all the love and hope that they would benefit from them in their own ways ❤ • Have a productive week ahead! 💪🏼 • #preschooleractivities

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E is for... Eye Spy 🕵️‍♀️ • • Eye Spy with my little eye 👁 I threw this quick and easy activity together for Avah to keep her occupied this morning while I did a bit of housework. Using our versatile and amazingly vibrant rainbow rice I hid random items for her to discover. • • She easily found each item on the list and we then progressed to emptying out the contents and scooping and playing with the rainbow rice. So much fun! 🌈 ✨-Amy • • • #preschooleractivities