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Big Chungus (@limp.moose) Instagram Profile Photolimp.moose

Big Chungus

Big Chungus (@limp.moose) Instagram Profile Photolimp.moose

Big Chungus

 Big Chungus (@limp.moose) shared  Image on Instagram - 1958403870049100038
You're Welcome Club (@yourewelcomeclub) Instagram Profile Photoyourewelcomeclub

You're Welcome Club


“I AM FREE” ✨ . . . [: Illustration of an individual lying on their bed, naked. They have pale skin, long wavy red hair, red underarm hair and red pubic- & belly hair. Their legs are covered in cute body hair as well. The individual wears a tunnel earring, and has tattoos all over their arms in the shape of stars, a moon, a heart, branches with leafs and the words 'trust' and 'always'. On their hip is a tattoo with the words 'I AM FREE' visible. Underneath the individual are a lavender coloured duvet colour and pink cushions visible, and we can also see a cat, some books (one with 'MY BODY' written on the cover), a camisole top, underpants with the word 'QUEEN' and a pink heart on it, a vibrator and a phone. Next to the bed on the floor are a pair of white socks and pink bunny slippers. The individual has stretch marks and a scar on their hip, and looking closer you can see the string of a tampon peeking out from in between their legs. The individual has their eyes closed and looks dreamy and free. The floor has a light blue colour. It's a peaceful image.] . . . #pubichair

Dave Anderson (@daveandersonbs) Instagram Profile Photodaveandersonbs

Dave Anderson


Back, sack and black out #pubichair