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AESTHETICS FITNESS CLUB PAPHOS (@gym_addict_tips) Instagram Profile Photo gym_addict_tips


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🚨STRAIGHT- OPEN ARM PULLDOWN BACK WORKOUT🚨 ______________________________________________ 📽️ @aris.fydanakis ®️ 📽️ @aris.fydanakis ®️ 📽️ @aris.fydanakis ®️ ______________________________________________ ✔️Type:Strength ✔️Main Muscle Worked:Lats ✔️Equipment: lCable ✔️Level:Beginner ______________________________________________ 💡You will start by grabbing the wide bar from the top pulley of a pulldown machine and using a wider than shoulder-width pronated (palms down) grip. ______________________________________________ 📌Step backwards two feet or so. 📌Bend your torso forward at the waist by around 30-degrees with your arms fully extended in front of you and a slight bend at the elbows. 📌If your arms are not fully extended then you need to step a bit more backwards until they are. ______________________________________________ ◾Once your arms are fully extended and your torso is slightly bent at the waist,tighten the lats and then you are ready to begin. ◾While keeping the arms straight,pull the bar down by contracting the lats until your hands are next to the side of the thighs. ◾Breathe out as you perform this step. ◾While keeping the arms straight,go back to the starting position while breathing in. 🔁Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. ______________________________________________ 🆘VARIATIONS⬇️ ◾Can also be performed with a shorter shoulder-width straight bar or with a rope attachment. _______________________________________ 🔴Follow Tag and Use⤵️ ↪️ @gym_addict_tips ®️ _______________________________________ #pushpullgrind



Devlin White (@devwhite) Instagram Profile Photo devwhite

Devlin White

 Instagram Image by Devlin White (@devwhite) with caption : "Who’s got your back..?👀🤷🏻‍♂️☠️(#flexfriday)..! #gym #gymlife #gymrat #workout #workoutroutine #iron #cardio #flex #progr" at Private Health Studio - 1893488023784283114

Who’s got your back..?👀🤷🏻‍♂️☠️()..! #pushpullgrind

Mission : Fitness (@_fmeansfitness) Instagram Profile Photo _fmeansfitness

Mission : Fitness

 image by Mission : Fitness (@_fmeansfitness) with caption : "Like comment and share
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