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"“We the survivors are not the true witnesses. The true witnesses, those in possession of the unspeakable truth are the drowned, the dead, the disappeared.” -- Q: What's your favourite historical fiction? I've always loved historical fiction. It just hits too close to my heart not because I've experienced it or I know someone who has but because it is based from facts. Every story is someone's story. Every heart breaks, struggles, happiness, anger, fear may have belonged to someone. And it pains me to read what they've been through especially during the dark times. At the same time, their happiness makes me light and their way of living in the past fascinates me! One of my all-time favourite is a historical fiction, All The Lights We Cannot see. Have you read it? by @beckyinthebookshelves and @pastbookish Thank you so much 💕 🎅Don't look back 🎅Eragon 🎅Crazy rich asian 🎅Ember in the ashes 🎅Mistbor. 🎅Bone Gap 🎅Ender's game 🎅Raw #read     

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Ancient Greek World

 Instagram Image by Ancient Greek World (@ancientgreekworld) with caption : "THE COMING OF ALPHABET IN ANCIENT GREECE
“Now the Phoenicians who came with Cadmus, and to whom the Gephyrai belonged," at Greece - 1932731040721564105
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THE COMING OF ALPHABET IN ANCIENT GREECE 🏛 “Now the Phoenicians who came with Cadmus, and to whom the Gephyrai belonged, introduced into Greece upon their arrival a great variety of arts, among the rest that of writing, whereof the Greeks till then had, as I think, been ignorant. And originally they shaped their letters exactly like all the other Phcenicians, but afterwards, in course of time, they changed by degrees their language, and together with it the form likewise of their characters. Now the Greeks who dwelt about those parts at that time were chiefly the Ionians. The Phenician letters were accordingly adopted by them, but with some variation in the shape of a few, and so they arrived at the present use, still calling the letters Phoenician, as justice required, after the name of those who were the first to introduce them into Greece. Paper rolls also were called from of old "parchments" by the Ionians, because formerly when paper was scarce they used, instead, the skins of sheep and goats - on which material many of the barbarians are even now wont to write.” Herodotus Book V, 58 🔸🔹🔸🔹 #read