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Some of my clients place doubts that whether remy hair is human hair or not, I can tell you for sure it's also 100% human hair. Look at this Body Wave Remy hair in1b# color!!!✨💖 You can see it is soft, silky and shinny! The quality of hair you want to buy, it depends on your specific needs. You know, everyone's definition for "BEST" varies. What fits you & your clients' needs the most is the best product for you. In other words, the best hair is the one that's SUITABLE for your customers.😎😎 Let's say, for some ppl, their best hair would be virgin hair that can take all colors when treated with a long lifetime using it, while the others may just need some hair to install on, they don't need to do any treatments or coloring, they just need it to be exactly what it is, then remy hair or even non-remy hair would be their best choice. All of hair have their own advantages and disadvantages, if you want to know how to distinguish their difference clearly, come and feel free to talk with me. Have a good one!🎆 #remyhair