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Bakkerij Sterk (@sterkbroodbanket) Instagram Profile Photo sterkbroodbanket

Bakkerij Sterk

 Instagram Image by Bakkerij Sterk (@sterkbroodbanket) with caption : "Throwback time .
#renovation #shop #bakery  #nieuwegein" at Utrecht (province) - 1911151689230983609

Throwback time . . . #renovation



DIWhy? Renovations (@diwhyrenovations) Instagram Profile Photo diwhyrenovations

DIWhy? Renovations

 image by DIWhy? Renovations (@diwhyrenovations) with caption : "Who doesn't love that herringbone accent?

#herringbone #backspalsh #subwaytile #kitchen
#letusdoit #DIWhyRenovations #r" - 1911151350593220089
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Who doesn't love that herringbone accent? #renovation

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I'm having some much needed time away from work this week and trying to use the time productively while still taking time to relax. This morning I carried on with the priming work on the stair treads and walls and can finally see some progress... although at the mo it still looks horrible 😬 the walls are almost smooth and there are a lot less holes in the wood. #renovation @frogtape