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Rise Korea (@risekorea) Instagram Profile Photo risekorea

Rise Korea

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라이즈 관악캠퍼스 재원생이 관악구 주최 「청소년 영어말하기 경진대회」에 출전하여 중등부 최우수상을 수상하였습니다. 최우수상을 수상한 학생은 현재 라이즈 관악캠퍼스 H402A반에 재원중인 중학교 1학년 권서영(Claire) 학생인데요, 중학교 1학년임에도 불구하고 재학중인 구암중학교 대표로 출전하여 당당히 최우수상을 수상하였습니다! 좋은 성적을 거둔 권서영 학생에게 축하의 박수를 보내며, 앞으로도 계속될 라이즈 캠퍼스 재원생들의 경시대회 성과를 기대해주세요! 라이즈 관악캠퍼스에서는 2019 영어유치부/초등부 신입생을 모집하고 있습니다. 상담을 원하시는 분들은 아래 링크를 통해 상담을 예약해주세요. 라이즈 관악 전화 상담 예약 온라인 예약 : 전화 상담 : 02-872-0110 #RISE

You Are Beautiful 🌼 (@upbeathoughts) Instagram Profile Photo upbeathoughts

You Are Beautiful 🌼

 image by You Are Beautiful 🌼 (@upbeathoughts) with caption : "I define myself and no one else.

#mylife #myway #explore #grow #fall #rise #learn #fly" - 1916564667772023781
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I define myself and no one else. #rise

Bobby Christman (@bobbychristman333) Instagram Profile Photo bobbychristman333

Bobby Christman

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Another late night in the weight room. This workout was due yesterday, and these muscles aren't going to bulk up by dreaming of it, so it was now or never. 10 sets on chest and 5 sets of abs. Ten sets of chest is a lot for my runners frame, but it was a good one. I'll be sore tomorrow, as I added some dumbell incline and narrow bench into the mix. All high reps and high intensity. Trying to transform the bod into a true 400 meter runner's physique, as I go ALL OUT in my quest to reach the All American standard! Tonight's playlist included some of my favorite 30 Seconds To Mars tunes, "The Kill (Bury Me)," and "Hurricane," as well as some old classics like Def Leppard's "Billy's Got A Gun" and the Scorpions rock ballad, "Still Loving You," and my girl Katy Perry's "Alien, and her inspiring "Rise" (the NBC Olympics version, of course! You ever wanted something or someone sooo bad that it hurt? That's where my heart is right now. Aching, but not breaking. I'm in a death match to the end, and I won't quit, or falter, or give no quarter. I am plunging headfirst into the Abyss, until I feel The Light warm my everlasting Soul... #Rise

 image by LifeMastery (@lifemasteryquotes) with caption : "Stop letting people's opinion on you get in your head, they don't fucking matter.
It is you against yourself, that's it." - 1916564492423092476
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Stop letting people's opinion on you get in your head, they don't fucking matter. It is you against yourself, that's it. Get the job done!👊 - - - #rise

⭐️TATSUYA∞美容師✂︎⭐️ (@tatsuya.hp) Instagram Profile Photo tatsuya.hp


. . 初めて行ったバーで社長に敬語使ったら店くれた☺️ . . #rise . . Le'aからも近くて🙆‍♂️

Amisha Shukla (@aspire_2.inspire) Instagram Profile Photo aspire_2.inspire

Amisha Shukla

 image by Amisha Shukla (@aspire_2.inspire) with caption : "Embrace the pressure on you and use it to reach towards your goals📌🔥💯
#pressure #rise #embraceit #brave #bold #fearless " - 1916563481612750696
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A.T.長島治療院 守口 (@atnaga_moriguchi) Instagram Profile Photo atnaga_moriguchi

A.T.長島治療院 守口

 image by A.T.長島治療院 守口 (@atnaga_moriguchi) with caption : "【RISE129大会で見事に勝利!!】
今日は勝利の報告に治療院まで来てくださいま" - 1916563468668983461
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【RISE129大会で見事に勝利!!】 . . 当院がサポートさせて頂いているプロキックボクサーの百花選手が、11/17に両国国技館で開催されたRISE129大会に出場され、見事勝利しました! . 今日は勝利の報告に治療院まで来てくださいました(^o^)/ 激しい試合の後でしたが元気な姿で来てくださいました! . 百花選手、お疲れ様でした!(^^)! . #RISE